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History of:
A brief history of Professor Lansdale
and the Science of his creation,

   Professor Lansdale has been actively involved in the martial arts for over 40 years. His instruction in self-defense began with his father teaching him a few boxing, wrestling and old style jujitsu techniques to defend himself in school. Professor Lansdale then read everything he could find on self-defense (which at that time was minimal), including BLACK CAT COMICS, which contained Judo Tips in the back!

   In his teens, Professor Lansdale began studying Judo and Hapkido at the YMCA in Tyler, Texas. Professor Lansdale is surely one of the earliest students of Hapkido in the United States, and definitely in Texas. He also studied at the YMCA a maverick form of Kenpo, as well as Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo. The YMCA also allowed him to be briefly introduced to SHOTOKAN KARATE, KOREAN JUDO (called YUDO) as well as numerous other styles of Karate. Though Professor Lansdale did not study these later arts long or in any detail, he believes his martial arts were effected by the brief exposure to those systems.

   Later, Professor Lansdale studied Thai Boxing, and while living in the San Francisco bay area, was exposed to techniques from the WHITE CRANE KUNG FU SYSTEM, WING CHUN, MONKEY STYLE, PREYING MANTIS and others.

   Returning to Texas, Professor Lansdale began developing his own personal self-defense system, which he loosely called MAVERICK KENPO, as the flowing strikes of Kenpo were a major influence on the system.

   He continued his study of Taekwondo and Kickboxing, and on moving to Nacogdoches, Texas began a sparring and self-defense class that he taught until he decided to retire from martial arts to better pursue his writing career.

   Lansdale began writing notes and developing a better understanding of the arts he had studied, and continued on this path, practicing and teaching privately now and then, until he finally stopped altogether for four years. This was however, very temporary.

   When his son was old enough to entertain interest in martial arts, Professor Lansdale signed him up in a Taekwondo class and was soon involved himself. He studied traditional Taekwondo, even though he felt his personal interests were elsewhere.

   In the early nineties Professor Lansdale began the study of Aikido. His Aikido instructor also randomly taught old style jujitsu, kobudo, Japanese and Okinawan Karate.

   Professor Lansdale convinced his instructor that the system was lacking and should be better organized, and was allowed to incorporate his skills into the mix, making Lansdale Co-founder of what his instructor called MATSUKAZE BUDO.

   Lansdale introduced his co-founder to Kysho-Jitsu, which he had been exposed to by the seminars of George Dillman and Rick Moneymaker, and convinced him to pursue that path as an addition to their system. He also brought Filipino weaponry into MATSUKAZE BUDO, as well as basic ground grappling and Chi-na.

   Privately, Professor Lansdale was teaching his version of Maverick Kenpo to select students, Eugene Frizzell and Coy Harry. They are the only students of Professor Lansdale's to receive Black Belt ranking in this system, which was one primarily of concepts and principles as applied to basic locks and strikes. Professor Lansdale felt the Kenpo name was too closely tied with established Kenpo systems, and his use of the name was more generic, so he dissolved MAVERICK KENPO.

   In time, Lansdale broke off with his MATSUKAZE BUDO partner due to personal differences, as well as differences of vision. In the summer of 1996 Lansdale removed what he felt were impractical or parlor trick techniques from the system, and blended the better components of MATSUKAZE BUDO and MAVERICK KENPO into the system now called SHEN CHUAN. The name is Chinese for "Spirit Fist", and pays tribute to China, the greatest laboratory for martial arts ever. The name also pays tribute to the fast, almost ghostly striking of the system, as well as to the internal facets of the style. Despite the Chinese name, Shen Chuan is an eclectic system of many arts, and is seen by the founder as most of all, American.

   In January of 1997 Professor Lansdale established LANSDALE'S SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEMS at the current Stallings Drive Dojo. The dojo is referred to as the LANSDALE'S SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEMS dojo, with the main training hall being called VACHSS HALL after Professor Lansdale's friend Andrew Vachss, who helped him make the jump into his own school and system by both financial support and friendship.

   Other martial artists and system founders have recognized Professor Lansdale's abilities and innovations. To validate this, Professor Lansdale was inducted into the INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME. You can not vote yourself into this or be nominated by students. It is an honor given only by THE WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL. This is a group of the world's greatest martial artists, who invite membership to only a select few martial artists.

   Along with Professor Lansdale, the SHEN CHUAN system was also recognized as an international system, and it continues to grow and evolve.

A general explanation of
   SHEN CHUAN is a self-defense system that is both external and internal by nature. It utilizes both the harder combat aspects of Kenpo and Jujitsu, with the more relaxed and flowing techniques of Aikijitsu and Hapkido, as well as the concepts and principles of Small Circle Jujitsu as developed by Grandmaster Professor Wally Jay. Among other influences are Accupressure striking, Chi-na, Thai boxing, Filipino Arnis and Judo. SHEN CHUAN does not translate internal aspects as moving opponents with the mind.

   Nor is SHEN CHUAN a random hodge-podge of techniques, but a careful blending of concepts and principles that allow the Shen Chuan student to hit hard and rapidly, while flowing over and around his attacker's advances like water over rocks, locking, upsetting their balance, throwing and pinning. In fact, Shen Chuan is characterized by THE FLOW. The system, unlike most, is designed to fit the student, instead of the student being forced to fit the system.

   The system's flow, rapid striking, the bite of its locks, and its "never give up" tenacity are all depicted by the symbol of the COBRA, as well as being simply stated with the few "biting" words of our official motto,
"Hit hard... Hit fast... Go to the house!"


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