Shen Chuan Interpreted

Belt System


Shen Chuan


Shen Chuan Interpreted


Level Belt Pics
Average Time Between Ranks
yellow stripe
 One Month to Six Weeks
 Six Weeks to Two Months 
 Three Months
 Three Months 
purple with stripe
 Three Months 
 Three Months
green with stripe
 Three Months
 Three Months
 1st Degree
1st Degree Brown
 Three Months
 2nd Degree
2nd Degree Brown
 Four to Six Months
 3rd Degree
3rd Degree Brown
 Four to Six Months
 1st Dan
1st Degree Black
 Eight to Twelve Months
 2nd Dan
2nd Degree Black
 One Year from 1st Dan
 3rd Dan
3rd Degree Black
 Two Years
 4th Dan
4th Degree Black
 Two Years
5th Dan
5th Degree Black
 Three Years
6th Dan
6th Degree Black
 Four Years
7th Dan
7th Degree Black
 Four Years
8th Dan
8th Degree Black
 Five Years
9th Dan
9th Degree Black
 Seven to Nine Years
Senior Student
Senior Student Belt
 Only one. Awarded to Senior Student



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