10/08/15-First Look! James Purefoy and Michael K. Williams in "Hap and Leonard!"

10/08/15-And you can catch up with Hap and Leonard with this collection of short stories, due in March 2016!

10/08/15-Coming February, 2016: a new Hap and Leonard novel, Honkytonk Samurai!

10/08/15-Champion Joe says: "Hap and Leonard grew up in a town a lot like the one Rocky Hawkins, an old school chum, grew up in. His short but compelling memoir hits on all the stuff that has been the roots of my fiction most of my career. We knew most of the same people, knew the real stories, the rumors. Very compelling read. I recommend it for anyone interested in a good memoir, or if you would just like to read something by someone from the same background as myself, Hap and Leonard, my creations based on a lot of what Rocky talks about here."

10/08/15-If the Western town of Falling Rock isn’t dangerous enough due to drunks, fast guns, and greedy miners, it gets a real dose of ugly when a soulless, dynamite-loving bounty hunter named Smith rides into town to bring back a bounty, dead or alive — preferably dead. In the process, Smith sets off an explosive chain of events that send him straight to the waiting room in Hell where he is offered a one-time chance to absolve himself. Check out Hell's Bounty, by Joe R. Lansdale and John L. Lansdale, to be published February 2016.

10/08/15-Warning! Almost sold out! The unmistakable accent of the Piney Woods of East Texas rolls from the pages of Fender Lizards, Joe R. Lansdale’s tale of the life and love and work of Dot Sherman, who waitresses on roller skates at the Dairy Bob, doesn’t care for smoking on account of her dad having never returned from a cigarette run, and carries on the family tradition of philosophizing. Life hasn't done her any favors in her seventeen years. But if there was ever a heroine built for turning things upside down and seeing what shakes out, it's Dot. To be published this November. Click here to reserve your copy! (And take note: the limited-edition includes three new Hap & Leonard stories!)

10/08/15-You liked Paradise Sky? You'll love this limited edition!

10/08/15-Heads up, Idaho! Champion Joe is attending the Idaho Horror Film Festival from October 15 - 17!

10/08/15-I don't ever see you with a date. I ain't never even seen you walking a dog, let alone a girl. It's "Steppin' Out, Summer '68," and it's the totally free Mojo story of the week. Enjoy!

10/01/15-Champion Joe made the map!

10/01/15-Kasey plays Boston!

10/01/15-"The Steam Man is sort of like Pacific Rim set in the old West. It’s about a gentleman who causes a rift in time and because of that, everything from history comes piling in this era in the 1800s. It’s up to one man, Captain Beedle, who builds this giant steam man to navigate it through the prairie to destroy the greatest threat the world has ever known." To read the rest of Mark Alan Miller's interview with Comics Bulletin, click here!

09/17/15-So, you are a collector and you'd like a nice edition of three novels Champion Joe wrote under the pen-name Jack Buchanan? Now's your chance. These are going fast. Joe wrote these from base outlines by Stephen Mertz, and since Joe's not known for following directions, Stephen retouched them, adding "he grunted" and "he growled," which Joe hates, but Stephen put them in line with the series he created. Here they are.

09/10/15-Sundance TV wants to know: What's your favorite Hap and Leonard novel?

08/20/15-If the Western town of Falling Rock isn't dangerous enough due to drunks, fast guns, and greedy miners, it gets a real dose of ugly when a soulless, dynamite-loving bounty hunter named Smith rides into town to bring back a bounty, dead or alive — preferably dead. In the process, Smith sets off an explosive chain of events that send him straight to the waiting room in Hell where he is offered a one-time chance to absolve himself. Click here to reserve your copy of Hell's Bounty by Joe and John Lansdale!

08/20/15-"My books sort of arrive on their own, like relatives you like but didn't know were coming. Some become long term house guests. Others just drop by and say hi." To read the rest of Mark Gunnells's interview with Champion Joe, click here !

08/13/15—Check it out! An advance look at the cover to the second issue of Dark Horse's comics adaptation of The Steam Man!

08/13/15—Peculiar weather settles over a bustling Texas sea port, a city made prosperous off the cotton trade and thick with racial inequality. The sky above Galveston darkens to the sickly green of a healing bruise, the sea turns black, and the inhabitants of the city have no idea the force of the hammer about to drop on them.... It's The Big Blow, and it's now available on Amazon!

08/13/15-Act of Love and Waltz of Shadows, Sub Press editions, available for $45 and $20, respectively, including shipping and handling in the US. Signed and personalized. Contact Kasey to reserve your copies.

08/06/15-Kasey Lansdale captivated the Twin Cities! That's not us saying it — that's The Examiner!

07/30/15-Sundance TV learned nine things from Champion Joe!

07/30/15-Paradise Sky is among the Houston Chronicle's favorite books of the year (so far)!

07/30/15-Champion Joe says, "Sometimes it's hard to understand people and their desire to kill wild animals." Sign the petition to demand justice for Cecil the Lion.

07/30/15-Check out Limbus 2, which includes Champion Joe's "Fishing for Dinosaurs"!

07/30/15-More on Christina Hendricks joining the cast of "Hap & Leonard" from UPI.

07/23/15-This October:

07/16/15-Joe says, "Tom Piccirilli has died. Damn. Good writer. Good guy. I am sad for his family. He fought cancer to the mat for a long time, but the damn stuff cheated. It took away a good man."

07/16/15-Ladies and gentlemen! Hap's ex-wife Trudy has entered the building! Welcome Christina Hendricks to the cast of "Hap and Leonard":

07/16/15-Champion Joe shares his story on how he decided to write about African-American cowboy Nat Love in his new novel, Paradise Sky, on KAZI 88.7FM. Lansdale's interview airs immediately after the Jewell Parker Rhodes interview. Click here to listen!

07/16/15-Bill Crider says Paradise Sky "is replete with Lansdale's usual storytelling zest and energy, and as always in a Lansdale novel there are laughs and violence, often on the same page." Click here to read the entire review!

07/09/15-"Lansdale has pulled out all the stops to deliver a rip-roaring tale completely in keeping with dime-novel traditions and the cinematic hyperbole of Blazing Saddles or Django Unchained." To read the entire New York Times review of Paradise Sky, click here!

07/09/15-Hap & Leonard graphic novels! Check it out:

07/09/15-Champion Joe says, "This is long overdue and I'm happy it has happened. Gay marriage is legal."

07/09/15-What?! You didn't know Champion Joe was one of the Speculative Poets of Texas? Well, you do now.

06/25/15-"Hap and Leonard" actors Neil Sandilands and Bill Page with Champion Joe in Baton Rouge:

06/25/15-Michael K. Williams — Leonard in the "Hap and Leonard" series — with Killer Kasey:

06/25/15-"Even if the prolific Joe Lansdale created an imaginary twin (don't put it past him), the two combined probably wouldn't have enough fingers and toes to count all of his published novels. So when he says Paradise Sky was the most fun one to write, take heed." To read the entire interview from Kirkus, click here!

06/25/15-"Reading Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale is to immerse oneself in a realm of roughneck, shoot-’em-up western writing where fact and fiction blend effortlessly on the page, and the action is only outgunned by the author's tilt for beautiful literary prose." To read the entire review of Champion Joe's latest from The New York Journal of Books, click here!

06/25/15-Straight-up vocals by Killer Kasey:

06/18/15-"Paradise Sky is a remarkable achievement, an instant classic of Western lit, and, while fiction, it probably brings us as close to the essence of who Nat Love really was as any tome is likely to do." To read the entire review of Champion Joe's latest from The Dallas News, click here!

06/18/15-"In a short piece Lansdale wrote for Mulholland Books, he says he has worked on [Paradise Sky] for 30 years but couldn't get publishers interested in a novel about a black cowboy. He found that reaction 'offensive and defeating,' but when he did score a publisher, he says he wrote the novel in 'a white-hot passion.' You can feel that passion in the energy and rhythm of Paradise Sky. Lansdale has unleashed something remarkable." To read the entire review from The Houston Chronicle, click here!

06/18/15-Heads up, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Scottsdale! Champion Joe is coming to town!

06/11/15-Well, the editors of Entertainment Weekly will be reading some great fiction this summer! How about you?

And in case you can't read the fine print, it says, "Part comedy, part thriller, this Texas-flavored historical Western follows the adventures of an African-American cowboy who's on the run after the murder of his father." You in?

06/11/15-Want a signed, first printing of Paradise Sky? For cover price? Better order now!

06/11/15-The story behind the story! Champion Joe writes about the origins of Paradise Sky here!

06/11/15-Champion Joe is one of a slate of authors paying tribute to David B. Silva in Better Weird. Check it out!

05/21/15-"Lansdale fills his pages with true-hearted heroes, dastardly scoundrels, and rollicking adventures." To read the entire starred review for Paradise Sky from Publishers Weekly, click here! Paradise Sky will be released June 16!

05/21/15-It's cooler in Italian....

05/14/15-Champion Joe says, "Just got news I received the Bram Stoker award for my story in the long fiction category, 'Fishing for Dinosaurs.' Cool. I am honored."

05/14/15-Kasey Lansdale is up for Best New Texas Female Artist for her song "Sorry Ain't Enough"! If you like her music, you can vote for her here.

05/07/15-Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present ... Hap Collins!

05/07/15-Kasey went on the Texas Music Chart to discuss her hot single, "Sorry Ain't Enough!" Watch it here!

05/07/15-Heads up, Portland (OR)! Champion Joe and Cosmic Kasey will be at the Living Dead Horror Convention November 13 - 15! More info here!

04/23/15-Marvin Hanson is a private investigator. Time was he worked homicide in Houston's Fifth Ward, but that was years ago. Nowadays he's living a quieter life, running a little one-man operation in LaBorde, Texas. You might think a sleepy East Texas town wouldn't rate its own PI, but then you've never met Mildred "Babe" Craver.... "A Bone Dead Sadness" revisits Marvin Hanson decades after the events of Act of Love; fans of the Hap and Leonard series have also encountered him as the boys' sometime-employer. At its core, this novella is a good old-fashioned locked-room mystery, wrapped up in noir and tied with a Dixie-scented bow. And it's only 99¢!

04/23/15-Kasey found some first editions of Savage Season. $45 including shipping in the United States. Contact Kasey to reserve your copies or get postage for international.

04/16/15-You already know about the "Hap & Leonard" TV show, right? Well, how about the Hap & Leonard comic book? Check this out:

04/09/15-Kasey Lansdale's song "Sorry Ain't Enough" is climbing on Texas radio charts. Those of you who have enjoyed it and called in, or have yet to call in, maybe you'd like to help it keep climbing. You can call or even go online to certain Texas country stations and request it, and you don't have to be a Texan. Just someone who wants to hear it or wants to see it continue to climb. Click here!

04/02/15-Hey, German fans! Die Nacht der lebenden Texte says that Cold in July is Viel mehr als ein Rachethriller!

03/26/15-If you like Champion Joe's work and want to help boost his sales, consider preordering his latest, Paradise Sky, now. Use your favorite method: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, local bookstore, or any other outlet. We'd like to see the book get a big preorder from readers who enjoy Joe's work, or want to try it out. So NOW would be good.

03/26/15-The first season of the "Hap and Leonard" show on the Sundance Channel will adapt Savage Season!

03/26/15-Hey, Italian fans! Check out this conversazione con Joe R. Lansdale! And this one, too, while you're at it!

03/26/15-Richard Christian Matheson and David Schow with Champion Joe, from what's fondly called "the day." (And with Karen and Avatar, below!)

03/19/15-Last week, Variety announced that Michael K. Williams would portray Leonard in the Sundance Channel adaptation of Champion Joe's Hap and Leonard series. So who's playing Hap? You'll have to wait for that. But here's who is playing Howard from Savage Season. And if you need to catch up on the books, you can do that here.

03/19/15-Booklist gave a starred review to Champion Joe's Paradise Sky, calling it "rowdy, funny, suspenseful, and often quite moving." So get moved and get your copy here!

03/19/15-Library Journal also gave a starred review to Paradise Sky. They say "this fast-paced Western ... is a winner." You can be a winner, too, when you get your copy here!

03/12/15-From Variety: Michael K. Williams To Star In Hap and Leonard

03/12/15-And from before that announcement ... check out the Leonard cover Ken Laager painted for the Rogues collection:

03/05/15-You missed the Nacogdoches Film Festival?! Here's what you missed:

03/05/15-Champion Joe's got a Christmas book in the works, and it's not for kids. Adults only. Check it out:

02/26/15-Ever wonder what East Texas looks like? Wonder at this!

02/26/15-Want a ton of Subterranean ebooks (including Champion Joe's Black Hat Jack) for not a lot of money? Click here!

02/26/15-Champion Joe went on The Chauncey DeVega Show to talk about Bubba Ho-Tep, Cold in July, and living a creative life. Listen here!

Bar Talk (short film) from Lowell Northrop on Vimeo.

02/19/15-Champion Joe's friend David Morrell has a new book coming out from Mulholland. Check out Inspector of the Dead!

02/19/15-Earthling Publications is producing a limited, signed edition of The Thicket! If you're looking for something really nice and special, this edition is it. Ken Laager's art is fantastic.

02/12/15-Damn! Check it out! Kasey Lansdale interview in Billboard!

02/12/15-One thousand words by each of 100 authors: that's the flash-fiction anthology Baby Shoes. If you want that book to be a reality, click here!

02/05/15-Click here to read an interview with Jim Mickle on Cold in July and "Hap and Leonard," forthcoming on The Sundance Channel.

02/05/15-Check it out! Champion Joe's very first photo in a newspaper!

02/05/15-"Singing has taken me all over the world and introduced me to some amazing people, and I feel lucky every day when I wake up because I get to do what I love. I'm just so happy no one has given me a good shake and told me to get a real job yet!" To read Kasey Lansdale's entire interview with The Tennessee Life, click here! And to see the respect she gets from her fellow Texans, check out the Best of the Upper East Side of Texas list! AND ... great interview with her on KYTX!

01/29/15-"One of the best books of 2014 was a book first published the year before. A cross between a crime novel and an old-fashioned western, The Thicket by award-winning East Texas author Joe R. Lansdale made many 'best of' lists for both years." To read the entire review from The Florida Times-Union, click here!

01/29/15-You like short stories? Champion Joe's in a couple new anthologies! Check out Insidious Assassins, which is exactly what it sounds like, and Limbus, Inc - Book 2, about a very strange employment agency.

01/29/15-Here's the trailer to "Postpartum," the short film starring Kasey Lansdale:

01/22/15-Van Gogh's Ear Volume 9 includes interviews with both Champion Joe and Kasey! Check it out!

01/22/15-Champion Joe says, "Paradise Sky, forthcoming. I can't begin to say how pleased I am with this book, one I have wanted to write for over thirty years, and now, I have. Check it out here."

01/15/15-The Florida Times-Union selected The Thicket as one of the best books of 2014! Check it out!

01/15/15-Kasey Lansdale was voted best local singer/songwriter!

01/15/15-It will still be a while, but Champion Joe's book on writing tips will be forthcoming from Pandi Press. Pandi will go into operation sometime later this year, reprinting The Big Blow, A Fine Dark Line, and Freezer Burn. Go show Pandi some love with likes.

01/15/15-Kasey Lansdale is in an upcoming short film, Postpartum, directed by Izzy Lee. Check it out!

01/15/15-Champion Joe says,"I dearly love Andrew Vachss' The Getaway Man, and not just because it's dedicated to me. It's great, a tribute to the Gold Medal novels Andrew and I love. What a fine novel."

01/08/15-Champion Joe and Keith Lansdale have a story in Vampirella: Feary Tales #3, and it involves a stripjoint named Grandma's House and a pack of werebears. Check it out!

01/08/15-What? You didn't know Champion Joe's Cold in July was adapted to film this past summer? Where you been? You can catch up here!

01/08/15-If your New Year's resolution was to read more ebooks by Champion Joe, here's the place to go!

01/01/15-About time, and long overdue: "The First Legal Gay Marriage in Texas."

01/01/15-"After three-plus decades toiling in semi-obscurity, the prolific Nacogdoches-based horror fiction author [Joe R. Lansdale] is having a moment." Yeah, you and I know that means the only author these guys have heard of is Stephen King, but ... well, here's the article from Texas Monthly anyway.

01/01/15-Honkytonk Samurai, the new Hap and Leonard book, is just about finished and it's full of surprises for long-time fans. It probably won't appear until 2016, but Joe will be turning it in sometime this month, and it should be out a year or so later.

12/25/14-A Christmas memory, from Joe to you!

12/25/14-Wanna spend "Christmas with the Dead"? Now you can, at a bargain price! Click here!

12/25/14-You already knew Peter Dinklage from "Game of Thrones" was adapting The Thicket to film. But now everybody knows, thanks to Time Magazine!

12/18/14-"[My grandmother] Ole wasn't one to carry on about the good old days. She thought they were pretty skunky. What she remembered were hard times, lowering buckets into wells, using outdoor toilets frequently occupied by spiders or snakes, and having to eat pretty much anything that didn't eat her." You can read the rest of Champion Joe's Texas Observer article "Where Are My Flying Cars?" by clicking here!

12/11/14-Kasey Lansdale was interviewed by Music Row! Watch the video here!

12/11/14-Champion Joe's "Drunken Moon" has been adapted into a short short film! Check it out:

12/11/14-Heads up, Los Angeles! Champion Joe will be there March 22 for the 35th Annual Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show and Sale!

12/11/14-Hap and Leonard novel moves forward. Honkytonk Samurai.

12/11/14-Black Hat Jack. Want one of these, now's the time to jump. Going fast in all editions.

12/11/14-Niccolò Ammaniti conversa con il suo Maestro Joe R. Lansdale qui!

12/11/14-Obsessions is a really fine anthology with good reprint stories, including one by Champion Joe. Check it out!

12/04/14-Nacogdoches Film Festival! Head to the Land of Lansdale February 26 to 28 to meet Champion Joe and watch his movies! Meet special guest George R.R. Martin! Eat popcorn! More info here!

12/04/14-You can keep up with the latest developments on The Sundance Channel's "Hap and Leonard" TV series here.

12/04/14-The new year is coming fast--time to book your Kasey Lansdale house party!

12/04/14-Champion Joe says, "Bill Crider and Judy Crider are two of our dearest friends, and we lost Judy to cancer. She fought valiantly for years, and had it on the run many times, but finally it won. Judy was one of the kindest, nicest people in the universe. We have thought of her every day through her sickness. Devastating. We are thinking of her and Bill now. A terrible loss, but I'm glad she's no longer in pain. Talk about a tough and wonderful woman, that was our Judy Crider. Our sympathies go out to her family."

11/20/14-Champion Joe's story "I Tell You It's Love" is avilable as a graphic novel by Daniele Serra! With music tracks by Kasey Lansdale and Julie Gibb! Check it out:

11/20/14-"A Bone Dead Sadness" is a story about Marvin Hanson, who appeared in Act of Love and frequently appears in the Hap and Leonard novels. You can get it quick and cheap, as in 99 cents, here on Kindle.

11/20/14-And here's a free one! "Naked Angel," written by Champion Joe for the LA Noire game!

11/20/14-Cold in July will be playing at the Torino Film Festival, and so will Champion Joe, Jim Mickle, the director, Linda Moran, producer, Kasey Lansdale, who has two songs in the soundtrack, and more of the Lansdale family!

11/20/14-On an island with a prison for the most evil and powerful criminals in the world, a new prisoner is strapped to the electric chair. After multiple surges of electricity and nearly knocking out power to the entire island, the prisoner is finally dead. The staff buries him with a simple marker baring three numbers: 489. But a violent storm rocks the islands and the burial site of prisoner 489 has been unearthed, and the body is missing. Champion Joe's latest, Prisoner 489, just hit shelves this past Tuesday! Check it out!

11/20/14-The film adaptation of "By the Hair of the Head" garnered five awards at the AFM and Zed Fest film festival in Burbank! And to celebrate...

11/13/14-Hap & Leonard is on at Sundance!!

11/13/14-Kasey's hanging with Bill Paxton! And Bill Paxton's working on adapting The Bottoms to film!

10/30/14-Check out Champion Joe's new novella, Prisoner 489, and the special Halloween giveaway!

10/30/14-Cold in July has won best film at the 2014 Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards!

10/30/14-Kasey Lansdale bonanza! First, listen to this interview with her, then watch and vote for this video of "Sorry Ain't Enough!"

10/30/14-If you have a love for writers like Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs or characters like Tarzan, the Shadow, the Spider, and G8, you'll want to check out "Fishing for Dinosaurs," Champion Joe's short story in the anthology Limbus 2. It plays with a lot of pulp legends reimagined, as if all we know about them had been misunderstood.

10/23/14-Head's up, Los Angeles! Champion Joe and a dozen others will be in town November 6 for a signing of Dark Phantastique: Encounters with the Uncanny and Other Magical Things! More info here!

10/23/14-Check out Kasey Lansdale during the making of her video "Sorry Ain't Enough!"

10/23/14-Champion Joe says, "This event didn't make me a writer, but in many ways it taught me to quit sitting on my hands and do the work—that life is not an endless supply of days and options."

10/16/14-Kasey Lansdale's "Sorry Ain't Enough" video has been picked up by Great American Country! Click on the pic to watch the flick:

10/16/14-"Joe Lansdale is kind of like a genre-fiction Ted Williams—he's been remarkably consistent over his long career, and he's way out in left field." To read the entire Texas Observer article, "All in the Lansdale Family," click here!

10/09/14-Calling all fellow Texans! Texas Country chanteuse Kasey Lansdale is performing at The Wittliff Collections: East Texas in Story and Song Author Event at Texas State University TODAY (Thursday, October 9). It will also feature a book signing and reading with award-winning authors Joe Lansdale and Wes Ferguson. If you're around the area be sure to stop by. More info here!

10/09/14-Can't make it to The Wittliff Collections event? Then click over to Y'allwire to watch Kasey's video for "Sorry Ain't Enough!"

10/09/14-Champion Joe's "By the Hair of the Head" has been adapted to short film. Re-read the story in Bestsellers Guaranteed, then check out the trailer:

10/09/14-Last weekend marked the 18th annual Camp Lansdale for Shen Chuan Martial Science. KTRE stopped by to check things out.

10/09/14-Champion Joe says, "This piece by my brother Andrew Vachss I've read several times, but rereading it does me good. I think you will enjoy it, and check out this fine novel."

10/09/14-How many books does Champion Joe have among the 100 Scariest Horror Novels of All Time? Well, go count for yourself. As for what would go on Joe's list: 1. Dracula 2. I Am Legend. 3. Salem's Lot. 4. The Shining. 5. The Stand. 6. Something Wicked This Way Comes 7. Ghost Story 8. Rosemary's Baby. 9. Stepford Wives 10. Psycho

10/09/14-Head's up, Chicago! Champion Joe's November appearance has just been fortified with more Lansdale: Keith Lansdale will be joining him! More info here!

10/02/14-Coming Spring 2015

10/02/14-Head's up, Burbank! Champion Joe is hitting town November 5 for the release of Prisoner 489, book two in the Black Labyrinth series! More info here! (And read the Publishers Weekly review of that book here!

10/02/14-A lot of this interview from the 2012 World Horror Convention is about writing. Check it out here!

10/02/14-On sale now! Deadwood Dick stood alongside Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, and Jesse James as a hero in the old Dime Novels of decades past. And just like those other mythic figures, he was, while not accurately portrayed, a real person. Those Dime Novels had Deadwood as a white champion of justice and adventure. In reality, though, Deadwood Dick was a black cowboy, a buffalo soldier, an Indian fighter, and a general hellraiser. Champion Joe takes his shot at rectifying the record with Black Hat Jack: The True Life Adventures of Deadwood Dick, as told by His Ownself. Heroics abound. Curse words fly. Humor flows as free as blood, and there's even a spot of romance. And with all that real-life bravado, there might even be a few lies.

10/02/14-Check out Kasey Lansdale's new music video, "Sorry Ain't Enough! "

09/25/14-Peter Dinklage is set to star in the film adaptation of The Thicket! Read all about it in
We Got This Covered

09/25/14-Forbes picked Cold in July as one of the best films of this past summer—check it out! And now you can download the film from iTunes!

09/18/14-A short review of four Mojo short stories.

09/11/14-We're three days away from the paperback release of The Thicket, a book described as "hellish and hilarious" by The Austin Chronicle, "captivating as the best of Larry McMurtry and written in a style reminiscent of Mark Twain" by Library Journal, and "dripping [with] storytelling mojo" by Dallas Morning News. Get yours now! (That includes you, Germany!)

09/11/14-Champion Joe says, "I'm posting this to help in my small way to raise the awareness of one of my favorite writers, Chet Williamson. Here's his Wiki listing, and here's his Kindle store. I'm hoping it will lead some of you to his writings." And here's a good place to start: From Joe's brother Andrew Vachss, and you get Chet Williamson, too.

09/11/14-Here's a book giveaway for Limbus 2, in which Champion Joe has a story.

09/11/14-Champion Joe was interviewed by KENW in Santa Fe, and you can watch it here!

09/04/14-What's it like, growing up Lansdale? Like this.

09/04/14-Damn right, Joe's on Nook! Check it out!

09/04/14-What did you binge on this summer? Heath Lowrance binged on Champion Mojo Storytelling!

08/28/14-In George Martin's "Princess and The Queen," in the collction Dangerous Women, note the death of the brave Lorleth Lansdale. A fine ancestor, no doubt. Well, of an alternate-universe sort.

08/28/14-When Edge of Dark Water was released in paperback, Champion Joe was asked to answer some questions and suggest some topics for book clubs. Read those answers here!

08/28/14-"Bullets and Fire," free!

08/28/14-Circuit 42 interviews Champion Joe!

08/28/14-Cold in July on Blu-ray! Pre-order here!

08/28/14-Champion Joe says, "The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is something that raises money for a good cause. Or, like me, if you prefer to just give money, give money. But, hey, here's the information. And on another day I might ice it up myself. But it is something worth reaching into your wallet for." And here is Kasey's response.

08/28/14-"Every time I read a Lansdale book, I have trouble putting it down." That's what author Holly Newstein said, and we sympathize with her.

08/21/14—Exclusive: Joe R. Lansdale on His Hap & Leonard Crime Novels Coming to the Sundance Channel!

08/21/14—The Tall Grass and Other Stories is a collection of Champion Joe's shorter fiction, many of them flash fiction. It borrows from The King and Other Stories, as well as Unchained and Unhinged, and some never before collected. Check it out!

08/21/14—Kasey Lansdale's "Restless," produced by John Carter Cash!

08/21/14—Champion Joe's dear friend Bill Crider won the Western Fictioneers award for Best Independent Published Western Novel for Songbird! Bonus: Kasey Lansdale is on the cover as an Old West saloon girl.

08/21/14—Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio have compiled Stories: All-New Tales, which includes work by Roddy Doyle, Jodi Picoult, Carolyn Parkhurst, Jeffery Deaver, Walter Mosley, Chuck Palahniuk, Diana Wynne Jones, Richard Adams, Gene Wolfe, Joe Hill, Michael Moorcock, Elizabeth Hand, and Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale!

08/14/14-What?! You still haven't read Cold in July?

08/14/14-A Bone Dead Sadness is a Marvin Hanson novella, and a kind of locked-room crime story, a little different than much of Champion Joe's crime work. Marvin appears in the Hap and Leonard novels, and is the main character in Act of Love.

08/14/14-Bubba Ho-Tep, baby!

08/14/14-When his dad accidentally committed murder, plug-ugly Norville had to flee with him to Texas to start a new life. Near the town of Wood Tick, Norville meets and marries the pretty Sissy and even finds a homestead, good as new, but abandoned. The only problem is the well, which is blocked by big, white stones. One by one, they unblock the well, unaware they're slowly setting free something old and dark and evil... Crawling Sky

08/14/14-Champion Joe says, "Yesterday we were driving to Houston and found a starving pup, possibly a pit bull. The dog's ribs almost show through. It's possible the dog escaped by accident and has been on the run for a month, but I doubt it. I think the dog wasn't fed properly and was dropped off. We took him home and have started fattening him up. A point: Dropping a dog off in the hopes of someone finding it is not good. That doesn't make you a good person. That sucks. The animal shelter certainly puts dogs to death, but dogs are also adopted. There are also some no-kill shelters. But the point is, starving slowly, being hit by a car, is far worse than a dog being put to sleep. And there is that possibility of adoption. Choosing a dog and then abandoning them because life gets tough or you have decided you want to go on a trip is stupid and cruel and inhumane. Anyway. I have a new dog. In a couple of months you won't recognize him as the skeleton we picked up on the road."

08/07/14-Forthcoming from Black Labyrinth Books will be Prisoner 489, a horror novella in the old-school tradition. An island where prisoners of an unusual nature are held, a nearby smaller island that serves as a cemetery for the executed prisoners, and a storm-filled night on the island that goes way bad.

08/07/14-Champion Joe and his son Keith wrote one of the comic stories in this forthcoming Vampirella extravaganza that uses fairy tales for its base.

08/07/14-Steampunked is a two-story collection, one actually a novella. Steam Man of the Prairie and the Dark Rider Get Down, combined with "Trains Not Taken." If you are easily offended you might want to skip Steam Man. If not, this is a good price for a novella and a short story.

08/07/14-Champion Joe is included in Screamplays, a collection of screenplays by horror authors!

08/07/14-Coming 2015:

08/07/14-Kasey gets name-checked in a comic book! Check it out!

08/07/14-Cold in July is coming out on DVD!

08/07/14-Champion Joe says, "Fine article from The Houston Chronicle. One mistake. I was sixteen or seventeen when the event with my dad happened. Not twelve. Pretty sure I was sixteen. I had just started to drive a car as I recall."

07/31/14-Champion Joe says, "James M. Cain was the master of hard-boiled prose, lean clean dialogue shiny as a new dime. He wrote like a demon on holiday, sexed up and hung over, and he changed the landscape of literature as surely as Ernest Hemingway or William Faulkner or Raymond Chandler." To read the entire article, click here.

07/31/14-Check out this article written by Andrew Vachss on Act of Love, Champion Joe's first novel. Joe says, "I'm not overly fond of this novel these days, but a lot of readers still enjoy it, so I've kept it in print in one form or another, or have at least been fortunate enough for it to be in print."

07/31/14-"Kasey [Lansdale] ... can go from playful to soulful without missing a beat. ... On Restless she's got quite a few stories to tell and they're all worth listening to." To read the entire review, click here!

07/24/14-Champion Joe and Daniele Serra have a couple graphic novels in the works! More info to come!

07/24/14-Interview with Kasey Lansdale about singing, songwriting, fiction writing, and editing. When she's quoted as saying "solidarity," she was actually saying "solitary." Damn accent.

07/24/14-Speaking of Kasey ... she has a story in Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, a Sherlock Holmes anthology due out October 2014.

07/24/14-Champion Joe says, "New Hap and Leonard book, Honkytonk Samurais, is well in progress. Next year watch for a big epic Western novel, Paradise Sky, followed by that Hap and Leonard. Paradise Sky is in the spring of 2015, Hap and Leonard release uncertain just yet."

07/24/14-Heads up, Chicago! Champion Joe will be coming to town for the first time in more than 15 years this November! Centuries & Sleuths will host a signing the afternoon of Sunday, November 2; later that evening, Open Books will host a session on defense techniques for the zombie apocalypse; and on Monday, Champion Joe will host a screening of Christmas with the Dead! More info to come!

07/24/14-Champion Joe has a new short story in Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations! Check it out!

07/17/14-Cold in July: Watch it, read it, listen to the music!

07/17/14-Then read Hot in December!

07/17/14-Rising country star Kasey Lansdale visited Hazard. Check it out!

07/17/14-Michael Flores interviews Champion Joe on BlogTalk Radio!

07/10/14-Thanks, Scott Ballantyne, for this pic of a Champion Mojo Storytelling Bus!

07/10/14-And in case you haven't yet read that novel ... Cold in July

07/10/14-Champion Joe's "Dog Cat Baby" has been adapted to comics alongside Ray Bradbury and Robert E. Howard in the graphic novel Canine Classics! Check it out!

07/03/14-What? You missed the fact that Kasey Lansdale played the 50th birthday party for Joss Whedon?

07/03/14-Check out this piece from Bleeding Cool: Jim Mickle On Cold In July And Remaining Faithful To Joe R. Lansdale!

06/26/14-Check out Johnny Shaw's article for the Huffington Post, "The Descendants of Holmes and Watson: 11 Literary Partners-in-Crime"! Did Hap and Leonard make the list? Would we mention it if they hadn't?!

06/26/14-Terrific audio review of Cold in July here, though the Hap and Leonard series they also mention is set to appear on SUNDANCE, not SHOWTIME, and thanks to Lewayne White for bringing it to our attention!

06/26/14-Says Champion Joe: "Forthcoming soon a new horror tale by me titled Prisoner 489. It is unabashed old-style horror. I will release a bit more as we get closer to publication, but until then just know that it will be published by Black Labyrinth. More in the future."

06/26/14-Champion Joe's daughter, Kasey Lansdale, has climbed on the music charts again. HotDisc International charts she moved from 17 to 14. She started out at number 22. Good news. Nice to know there is foreign interest in country music, though the term would mislead a lot of people. It's a mixture of blues and other elements. Anyway, congratulations, Kasey!

06/26/14-Live in the UK? Cold in July releases there June 27!

06/26/14-Says Champion Joe: "Friend of ours, and a good writer, adapted with Don Coscarelli, Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, has been in a very bad accident. He was struck by a car by walking. There is a pitch-in fund established for his medical bills if you're interested. You can check here."

06/19/14-Champion Joe was flying through Newark and ran into ... Champion Joe!

06/19/14-Champion Joe says, "Been on the road promoting the new film, Cold in July, and now we are back home. I loved every minute of the trip, but glad to back in the house. I wrote while on the trip, and now have a large part of a new Hap and Leonard novel. It was great to sit down to the lap top everyday, usually mornings, and find out what the boys are up to. They are up to a lot, and it appears that Jim Bob Luke might be up to some things as well. Anyway, glad to be back in my routine." And if you're a Hap and Leonard fan, check out the novella in Rogues, just released last week!

06/19/14-You can hear an interview with Kasey Lansdale and a snippet of her song SORRY AIN'T ENOUGH here.

06/05/14-Of Cold in July, director Jim Mickle said, "I started the book, finished it that night, hadn't even moved. I turned it over and said, 'How the hell did we get from this opening line to this ending?' I just wanted to make a movie that made me feel how this book made me feel." Read the rest of the article from The Austin Chronicle, and get your copy of the Cold in July novel!

05/29/14-Champion Joe says, "Cold in July film got a five-minute standing ovation at Cannes. It was great to see Jim Mickle, Michael C. Hall, Don Johnson, and all the producers and people who work behind the scenes that no one knows about. But I do. Good work everyone." And check out the photos of Kasey Lansdale-who has two songs in the film-with Michael C. Hall and Jim Mickle.

05/29/14-Need to be in-the-know? Pick up your copy of the Cold in July novel!

05/29/14-NPR says Cold in July "swings from vengeance thriller to three-way buddy movie to father-and-son morality tale with biblical overtones." To read the whole review, click here!

05/29/14-The Washington Post says Cold in July is "a pure pleasure to watch, even when what [Michael C. Hall, Don Johnson and Sam Shepard are] doing is, emphatically, not." To read the whole review, click here!

05/29/14-And from the Los Angeles Times: "Tense and violent, it grabs you from the first moments and rarely loosens its hold until the last body drops." To read the whole review, click here!

05/29/14-Liked Cold in July and want to see more of Champion Joe's work adapted to film? Check out Christmas with the Dead!

05/29/14-Check out Joe in Italy with the book-festival crew, including Marie the Weenie Dog, who is a special assistant.

05/15/14-Nick Damici and Jim Mickle are developing a TV series based on Champion Joe's Hap & Leonard novels! Check it out here and here!

05/08/14-We think this is a French edition of Savage Season, but we don't speak French.

05/08/14-Rush Limbaugh was pissed at Champion Joe. Watch it here!

05/08/14-Writing school is in session, and Professor Champion Joe is at the lectern!

05/01/14-Looking for a good read at a good price that you can download now? Try Waltz of Shadows, The Nightrunners, or the beloved, obscure All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky.

04/24/14-Check out these stills from Cold in July! And, hey, check it out: the film will show at Cannes!

04/24/14-It's not too late to get your copy of the new Champion Joe limited-edition novella, Hot in December!

04/24/14-Champion Joe loves Rin Tin Tin, and he loves Susan Orlean's Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend. So if you're anywhere near Santa Fe from May 16 to 18, you'll want to go watch an old Rin Tin Tin movie, meet Susan, and, if you have a handsome German shepherd, participate in the Rin Tin Tin lookalike contest! More info here!

04/24/14-Champion Joe's Italian fans are congregating here!

04/24/14-Illustrations from the limited edition of Black Hat Jack have just been posted here!

04/17/14-Cold in July trailer! Cold in July trailer! Cold in July trailer!

04/17/14-Champion Joe says, "Stephen Graham Jones is one of my favorites. Mark my words, he's coming on like a train." And the Los Angeles Times agrees!

04/17/14-Champion Joe says, "Urban Renewal is another fine and entertaining novel by my brother Andrew Vachss. Check it out."

04/17/14-Heads up, Rhode Island! Kasey Lansdale (who was just profiled in Nashville Arts Magazine) will be performing at the Northeastern Writers' Conference in Portsmouth on July 17. More info here!

04/17/14-Way back in the 1990s, Champion Joe and his compadre Tim Truman worked their zombie-Western magic on DC's Jonah Hex. Now those stories are collected in Jonah Hex: Shadows West! Check it out:

04/10/14-If you missed it in hardcover, you can catch The Thicket in trade paperback this October:

04/10/14-Champion Joe has a story in Darke Phantastique! Check it out!

04/10/14-Twenty books that are as great today as they were in the '90s? Well, that'd have to include Bad Chili. But don't take our word for it—ask The Huffington Post!

04/10/14-New edition of Cold in July to coincide with the film release:

04/10/14-I walk quietly. I learned that when I was a boy. You did not walk quietly, my old man would fly off the handle. He hated a heavy walk. It's "Walks," and it's the totally free Mojo story of the week. Enjoy!

04/03/14-Who's the CMA Spotlight Star of the Month? Why, our very own Kasey Lansdale is the CMA Spotlight Star of the Month! Congratulations, Kasey!

04/03/14-Woohoo! Champion Joe's The Thicket was named among the best historical fiction of 2013 by Library Journal! Check it out!

04/03/14-Lovecraft's Monsters collects short stories by an assortment of authors, including Champion Joe! Check it out!

04/03/14-Champion Joe's Son of Batman animated movie will debut at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA on Friday, April 18. To watch a clip and get more info, click here!

04/03/14-Champion Joe and CMA Spotlight Star of the Month Kasey Lansdale were interrogated the Library Police, and you can listen in!

04/03/14-Champion Joe says Jim Thompson's writing was "Sad and dark, oozing rotten sex and rotten dreams, all of it touched with a kind cheap carnival atmosphere; the kind where the bolts on the rides shake and it's best to keep your hand on your wallet." To read his entire review of the author, click here.

04/03/14-SST Publications will be bringing two of Champion Joe's Mojo stories to comics! Check it out!

03/27/14-Champion Joe says, "All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky got tremendous reviews, but I don't think it was marketed well, and the cover is about as inspiring as a seed catalog, but I think it's one of my best, and consider it an under-appreciated book. Or so I like to think."

03/20/14-Catch the Cold in July coverage on Sam Shepard's website!

03/20/14-In honor of the movie Cold in July, you can get the original hardback novel and a copy of Kasey Lansdale's Restless cd, signed, which features music from the soundtrack plus 10 other tunes produced by John Carter Cash, for $50. (Shipping prices are in US, add $10 international.) Click here to get yours.

03/20/14-A story by Champion Joe is included in Games Creatures Play, a collection that covers the wide world of paranormal pastimes, where striking out might strike you dead. Check it out!

03/20/14-Want the story behind Bubba Hotep? Here you go!

03/13/14-More coverage of Cold in July:

Michael C. Hall and Vinessa Shaw Talk COLD IN JULY, the Film's Multiple Tones, the Script, and More at Sundance 2014

Sundance 2014 VIDEO: Michael C. Hall & Vinessa Shaw on Cold in July

03/13/14-Son of Batman is coming! Champion Joe says, "Coming in May, scripted by me, though Alan Burnett was my wonderful editor on this animated film and helped more than he gives himself credit for, which is none. That ain't right. Yay, Alan. Anyway, here's the trailer."

03/13/14-You read The Drive-In. Now here's The Drive-In 2!

03/06/14-Hap & Leonard TV show! Check it out!

03/06/14-The Bottoms is available as a trade paperback, an audiobook, and a Kindle, and is going to be adapted to film by Bill Paxton!

02/27/14-Champion Joe is the winner of the Best Foreign Author Prize for the 40th edition of the Premio Letterario Internazionale Mondello! Fantastico!

02/20/14-Cold in July is still a few months from hitting theaters, but already they're writing about the next Mojo movie:
Bill Paxton's Upcoming Movie to Be Co-Produced by French Sales and Distribution Company

02/13/14-Champion Joe contributed a story to Piercing the Darkness, as did Jonathan Maberry, F. Paul Wilson, Christopher Golden, James A. Moore, Jeff Strand, Ronald Malfi, and others. And you can contribute to the Children's Literacy Initiative by ordering a copy here.

02/13/14-Yeah, we know: you're so hot and bothered about Cold in July coming this summer that you're fit to burst. Well ... this ought to put you over the top:

Bill Paxton To Direct Adaptation Of Joe Lansdale Novel 'The Bottoms'

Bill Paxton to direct adaptation of Joe Lansdale's The Bottoms

And if you've not already read this Champion Joe TKO, do it now!

02/13/14-Hap and Leonard alert! There's a new H&L short story in the upcoming anthology Rogues!

02/06/14-Want to be a writer? Check out Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, a collection of "writing secrets" from speculative genre masters like Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale, Piers Anthony, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, Aimee Bender, writers of The Twilight Zone, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and many more.

01/30/14-Read it before you see it: Cold in July.

01/30/14-Champion Joe visited the Red Oak (TX) High School Book Club. Check it out!

01/30/14-You should check out books by Bill Crider.

01/30/14-A small detail can make a character come alive. Too many details can drown a character.

01/30/14-Grammy Award-winner John Carter Cash introduces fans to country-blues artist Kasey Lansdale right here.

01/23/14-From Joe: "Our family friend Norman Johnson died. He had been ill for some time. He was a very kind and interesting man who had many fascinating life experiences. Knew Elvis, just about everyone in the country-music business. he was very helpful to my daughter when she was starting out. I spoke to him a couple weeks ago, so it's hard to believe. He will be missed."

01/23/14-Publishers Weekly on the hardcover release of The Ape Man's Brother: "Although the tale of the lord of the jungle ... has been told many times, rarely has it been told from the perspective of one of his hominid companions. ... Lansdale is a master craftsman, and even when he is paying homage to a carefully unnamed famous protagonist from a long string of novels and movies, he adds something new (and often unsavory) to the mix."

01/23/14-"Sundance: IFC Acquiring Jim Mickle-Directed 'Cold In July'"

01/23/14-Variety says Cold in July is "arguably the best work Mickle has yet done."

01/23/14-"Cold in July: Michael C. Hall's unforgettable Texas thriller"

01/16/14-From Joe: "We have lost my good friend and great writer Neal Barrett, Jr. He is like family with the Lansdales, and he will be missed. Hell, I miss him already. I wish Neal had known how much people cared about his work. I don't think he realized. He had been ill for sometime, so our talks were not what they used to be, but he was a good friend for many years and we had many adventures together, all of them goofy. As soon as we got together things went haywire. One of my favorite Neal stories is we attended a convention and when we were ready to go to lunch he said, 'Let's go in my car.' So out we went. But he couldn't remember where he parked. He searched and searched for his car. We finally went in ours, and he looked later for it and gave up. He had to wait until the convention was over to find it sitting alone in the parking lot."

01/16/14-CSI and Law & Order and all those other crime shows, they usually miss the mark. But with True Detective, HBO got it right.

01/16/14-In coordination with the release of the film adaptation, Tachyon will publish the official movie tie-in edition of Champion Joe's Cold in July, complete with an introduction by director Jim Mickle and an afterword by Champion Joe. Click here for more information.

01/02/14-Champion Joe talks about his sentimental favorite author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, here.

01/02/14-Heads up, Lansdale, Pennsylvania! Champion Joe will be phoning in to the library reading group, discussing his classic novel Cold in July. Details here!

01/02/14-Want a first look at the film adaptation of Champion Joe's Cold in July? Head to Houston on January 30!

01/02/14-Check out the interview with Killer Kasey in the first issue of Beware the Dark.

01/02/14-"[Hot in December is] a dark story, but Lansdale brings his trademark wit to the table, providing plenty of needed levity even as Chan falls deeper into a rabbit hole of danger and violence. His prose is sharp and lean, and his characterization is spot-on as usual. If you're a Lansdale fan, I don't need to sell you on this. If you're not, this short book is as good a place to jump on as any." To read the October Country's entire review, click here.

12/26/13-Want some post-Christmas fun? Italian comic strip about Champion Joe!

12/26/13-Diane Plumley's list of the Best 100 Mysteries of All Time includes Champion Joe's A Fine Dark Line!

12/26/13-Champion Joe's Edge of Dark Water made the CulturMag Top 11 list for 2013! Check it out!

12/26/13-Fright.com calls The Magic Wagon "an insightful and touching account of Texas circa 1909 that incorporates elements of comedy and the supernatural." To read the full review, click here.

12/19/13-Champion Joe says, "One of my favorite country performers, Ray Price, has died. He was great, and our daughter was lucky enough to open for him three times, and it made her bring her A game for sure, and Ray always brought his. He'll be missed. He had a great voice even until the last."

12/12/13-"My father was not real talkative except when he was telling stories. It was usually under a tree at my grandmothers. We would all sit out there at night and my grandmother would tell stories about coming to Texas in a covered wagon and seeing Buffalo Bills Wild West show. My dad would tell stories. He knew Bonnie and Clyde for example. He also told stories from his folks, stories that were true and others that were probably more apocryphal. He had a very interesting life. I would sit under the tree with the adults while the other kids were off chasing fireflies and listen to the stories. They imprinted me deeply. I remember playing with the other kids and thinking, Ive got to get back to the tree. I would sit down legs crossed and just listen. I absorbed all that because they were good storytellers. My father was an extraordinary storyteller. When he got into it he had a beautiful baritone voice and he had a way of telling a story and a rhythm of telling a story. I think that the voice of many of the things I write that are historical, his voice is the one that permeates the most." Read the entire Suicide Girls interview with Champion Joe here.

12/12/13-Kasey Lansdale joins John Carter Cash at The Rutledge in Nashville on January 18. Check it out!

12/12/13-Craig Clarke says The Big Blow "just may be the perfect story." Read his review here.

12/05/13-Hot in December is a new crime novella by Champion Joe coming from Dark Regions Press!

12/05/13-Check out Kasey in Italy!

12/05/13-Champion Joe is interviewed in the December issue of Nightmare!

12/05/13-Which Champion Mojo Storyteller has a movie adaptation entered into the 2014 Sundance Film Festival? See for yourself here!

11/28/13-Black Friday starts early! Download Kasey Lansdale's Restless album for $7.99!

11/21/13-The Nightrunners is back! Get your copy here!

11/21/13-Heads up, Giddings, Texas! Champion Joe hits town December 7 for the Weird West Fest!

11/14/13-Heads up, Italy! Kasey Lansdale is touring your country with her great Italian band. Check it out!

11/14/13-So, you want an actual paper edition of The Ape Man's Brother? Here it is.

11/14/13-"Christmas isn't that far away. You'd best celebrate it with the Lansdale family." To read the entire review of Christmas with the Dead, click here.

11/07/13-"He's driven the cars, chased the diamonds, known the girls, listened to the psychopaths. Felt ... and fought ... the fears. He's been in the ring, been out of luck, been down ... and come back. He knows you have to bring some to get some. He knows the truth. He writes to share it." To read the entirety of Andrew Vachss' foreword to Joe's Act of Love, click here.

11/07/13-Champion Joe says: "Thanks to Italian comic readers for this very appreciated recognition. I love comics, and they led me to being a writer more than anything, led me to stories and books. Thanks so much."

11/07/13-Looking for a unique Christmas present for the horror and comedy fan, with a bit of drama and some Christmas music? Check out Christmas with the Dead!

11/07/13-Hey, look! New Cold in July paperback!

11/07/13-From Subterannean Press: "The trade edition of Joe R. Lansdale's Bleeding Shadows, the largest collection of his esteemed career, will be out of print on publicaton. At present, we have orders for over 1000 more than are being printed. We always fill our direct orders first, so you still have time to lock in a copy, if you're of a mind."

10/31/13-The Austin Chronicle calls The Thicket "hellish and hilarious . . . a Mr. Toad's wild ride of a story, chronicling the misadventures — both hellish and, as often as not, hilarious — of a righteous lad named Jack searching for his kidnapped sister Lula amid the inhospitable environs of East Texas, circa 1910." To read the entire article, click here!

10/31/13-"Christmas with the Dead is a year-round Christmas drama filled with blood, guns, zombies, and delusional characters; a fantastic zombie flick that will warm your heart . . . then rip it out and eat it." To read the entire review by Horror Society, click here!

10/31/13-According to LitReactor, Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale is "the Patron Saint of the Western-Horror mash-up." Check it out!

10/31/13-"The outsider is well represented in The Thicket by ex-slave grave digger Eustace, and Shorty, a bounty-hunting dwarf. Neither is anyone's fool. But there is evil lurking in this finely drawn work as well." To read the entire review by MySanAntonio, click here!

10/24/13-Here's a very cool program that Champion Joe supports (and you should, too). Click on the pic to watch the video:

10/24/13-"Joe R. Lansdale's writing swaggers back and forth through a variety of genres, format, and media, blending elements and tones in unconventional ways, but never losing sight of the importance of story and character. His characters feel authentic, his environments are believable, and his plots are gripping. He's a great storyteller in the most classic American tradition; one gets the sense that if mankind never got around to technology, Lansdale would be roaming the country, regaling campfire crowds." To read the rest of Jon Abrams' overview of Champion Joe's writing, click here!

10/17/13-Ever thought, "I wish Kasey Lansdale would play a concert at my house"? Well, friends, 2014 will mark the kickoff of the RESTLESS house-concert tour. If you have 20 friends who like music and you want to know more about hosting an event, contact Kasey Lansdale. Coming soon to a living room, (or intimate venue) near you....

10/17/13-Old Mars is a cool book with a cool cover and a cool short story by Champion Joe. Check it out!

10/10/13-Kasey Lansdale is featured in CMA Magazine. Check it out!

10/10/13-Get your audio shorts in a bunch! Champion Joe's "Down By the Sea Near the Great Big Rock" is performed by Corson Bremer over here on Pseudopod.

10/03/13-Fourth Street Review says "Joe R. Lansdale has done (again) what he does best. He has written a wonderful, bizarre story with East Texas roots and enough humor to take the edge off his typical darkness. There are gun fights, torture scenes, whore houses, and humor. In this part western, part coming of age story, none of the characters remain unscathed, but the battle might produce a loyal hero or two. The Thicket is bloody, funny, and, at times, brilliant." So go get some brilliance: The Thicket.

10/03/13-What are the top 20 pieces of short fiction by Champion Joe? Macabre Republic says it's these.

10/03/13-More kind words for The Thicket, these from Hellnotes: "One of the best novels of 2013."

10/03/13-Interview with Jim Mickle, Director of Cold in July as well as the recently released We Are What We Are. Check it out.

10/03/13-What stories inspired The Thicket? From the horse's mouth, here's the answer.

10/03/13-JUST CONFIRMED! Kasey Lansdale, John Carter Cash, Raelyn Nelson, Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves, and Blue Mother Tupelo playing January 18th at The Rutledge in Nashville. STAY TUNED for updates. This is going to be an AWESOME show!

10/03/13-Great stuff on forthcoming film Cold in July based on Champion Joe's novel of the same name.

10/03/13-Publisher Black Labyrinth is starting a Kickstarter Campaing to do a book written by Champion Joe, illustrated by Santiago Caruso. If you're interested and want to be a part of it, here it is. If not, no problem.

09/26/13-Bookgasm says "Looks like the rest of the world is finally realizing what many of us have known for a long time: Lansdale is one of the finest American authors working today. He deserves to be read and cherished by everybody." So if you haven't already, you should read and cherish The Thicket. Bookgasm says so.

09/26/13-Crime Spree Magazine liked The Thicket, too. Here's what they said: "In our house, you can gauge how much Red and I enjoy a book by how much of it we read aloud to each other. By how 'tasty' the dialog is. When the dialog rings true, when you almost forget you're reading a fictional story and the characters start sounding real because what they are saying is exactly what that character would say in that situation, it begs to be read aloud. Needless to say, Kate got a free audiobook version of The Thicket, performed by me, whether she wanted it or not. Her response was, 'Shut up, already! I'll read it myself!'"

09/26/13-Champion Joe wants you to know about the H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps, a program that trains military heroes to utilize technology to identify and rescue child victims of rape and exploitation. Go visit the site, spread the word, support it with donations if you can, and applaud the National Association to Protect Children for pulling together all the government agencies, corporations, foundations, and private donors to make the program a reality.

09/19/13-You never read The Nightrunners? Here's your second chance!

09/12/13-The Houston Chronicle says Champion Joe's latest, The Thicket, "reads like a dark version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and feels like a Coen brothers movie. It's the perfect mix of light and dark, with plenty of humor mixed in." To read the entire review in all its glory, click here!

09/12/13-Not to be outdone, LitReactor says The Thicket is "like something in between a wet dream and a nightmare. It’s one of those stories that feel like old folklore being passed down from your grandfather around a campfire . . . if your grandfather was a B-movie film director with a wicked sense of humor and no filter. ... It reads like an old Western fable or fairy tale, filled with dark, red, viscous blood and even darker humor. ... It may be Lansdale's most complete work yet." To read everything between those ellipses, click here!

09/12/13-The Examiner says to expect "gun fights, torture scenes, whore houses, and humor. In this part western, part coming of age story, none of the characters remain unscathed, but the battle might produce a loyal hero or two. The Thicket is bloody, funny, and, at times, brilliant." Whole review here!

09/05/13-"Alternately violent and tender, with a gently legendary quality that makes this tall tale just about perfect." That's what Kirkus says about The Thicket. Read the entire review here.

09/05/13-Champion Joe went to the set of Cold in July and all he got was this picture:

09/05/13-And speaking of Kasey (admit it, you were, weren't you?), in the review of her new album, Music News Nashville describes her as a "stunning product of the great state of Texas [who] has a musical spirit that seems to be all over the place, and she seems to excel at anywhere she goes stylistically." To read the complete review, click here.

08/29/13-Champion Joe says, "I been on set of Cold in July, with Sam Shepherd as well as Michael C. Hall. The filming looks great. Good actors. Good script. Good direction. I smell a real winner with this one."

08/15/13-Champion Joe will be on and off the set for the filming of Cold in July over the next couple weeks. How's that for exciting news?!

08/15/13-And equally exciting: you can get the new Kasey Lansdale CD from Amazon!

08/15/13-Here's a public service announcement for all parents.

07/25/13-The one you've been waiting for is now on sale!

06/27/13-"Eschewing romantic vampires and shambling zombies, [Impossible Monsters] presents monsters that do not merely kill, but suddenly and incomprehensibly consume, destroy, and reduce their victims to mere bones. ... [I]t's clear that [Kasey Lasdale has] worked to fill this anthology with visceral, creative pieces about ordinary people encountering the extraordinary; the book surprises readers with strangeness while tapping deeply into primal fears." To read the rest of the Publishers Weekly review, click here. To read Impossible Monsters, click here.

06/20/13-Champion Joe says, "My new one, The Thicket, is coming out September 10, in all formats. Here and Britian, Germany, and Italy, and very likely other countries. But for the U.S.A, here's one connection to the book. Also Barnes and Noble, or order from your local independent bookstore. Help me put this one over the top. I need your help to do that, so spread the word."

06/20/13-Champion Joe also says, "Just read a great book by one of my favorites, Stephen Graham Jones. You won't see him on bestseller lists, though you should, but man is he original. The book is three stories and they are terrific. The title is Three Miles Past. Check it out."

06/20/13-Champion Joe's "The Case of the Angry Traveler" is just one reason to purchase Impossible Monsters, the new anthology edited by Kasey Lansdale. And that is the second reason. And you better order fast—the limited is already sold out.

06/20/13-Champion Joe and Killer Kasey wrote this story called "Blind Love." If you wan to read it, grab the anthology Dark Duets, coming early 2014.

06/20/13-This should be a lot of fun. Check it out. "Saturday Night from 7-10 on 88.1 fm KVSC: Gypsy McGreevy pays tribute to one of his favorite authors, Joe R. Lansdale, and his talented daughter Kasey Lansdale. I will be playing Kasey's music and music that I'm going to connect to the strange and creative stories of Joe R. Lansdale. The fact that Joe has written a Tarzan novel based on ERB's original outline, Conan stories, Batman novels, stories, and scripts for the animated series, and made graphic novel adaptions from HP Lovecraft and Robert Bloch ... oh man! It's going to be a very odd and cool show!"

06/20/13-The Living Dead is described by the publisher as "an anthology of zombie short fiction." Which isn't nearly as funny as the idea of "short zombie fiction"—which could, of course, be interepreted as fiction about midget zombies. Which makes us wonder, When does that happen? Anyway ... includes stories by Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale. More info here.

06/13/13-Here's a cool article on Joe's brother Andrew Vachss.

06/13/13-"It was suggested that I said that [Robert E.] Howard killed himself over Novalyne Price. No, I didn't. I did suggest that the loss of her—and his mother, among other things—were the final straw. But the straw was bent at birth, and to blame anyone for his choices is ridiculous." To read the rest, click here.

06/13/13-"I've got an addiction—a fever if you will—and no, it's not for cowbell. It's this consuming need I have for more of my favorite fictional duo of the past twenty years: Hap Collins and Leonard Pine." To read the entire, beautiful blog post, click here.

06/13/13-Champion Joe's good friend Neal Barrett, Jr., is in a "Lone Star State of Mind."

06/06/13-A couple weeks ago, we told you that "Paris-based Backup Media has teamed up with Memento Films International to finance Cold In July, an adaptation of the Joe Lansdale cult novel that will be director Jim Mickle's next film." Well, now we're here to tell you that Michael C. Hall, whose final season as Dexter starts June 30th, will star in the film. Read the full story here.

06/06/13-Jack Parker knows all too well how treacherous turn-of-the-century East Texas can be: His parents did not survive a smallpox epidemic; his grandfather was murdered; now his sister Lula has been kidnapped by a criminal who may believe that wearing a dead man's clothes protects him from death. With bounty hunter Shorty, a charismatic and cunning dwarf, and Eustace, a gravedigging son of an ex-slave, the heartbroken young Jack sets off on an epic quest to rescue his sister from the corrupt men who control much of the new territory. In the throes of being civilized, East Texas is still a wild feral place. Oil wells spurt liquid money from the ground, but blood and redemption rule supreme. The Thicket goes on sale September 10 ... but you can pre-order now.

05/30/13-"Restless," the new album by Kasey Lansdale, is now available for preorder. (And a word to the wise: if you want an actual, hardcopy CD, you best preorder. After preorders, it'll pretty much be download only. Welcome to the future: you didn't get your rocketpack or flying car, and they've taken your vinyl and CDs away.)

05/30/13-You missed Joe R. Lansdale Appreciation Day? Well you can relive it—and read a review of his shorter fiction—here!

05/23/13-For those interested in the DragonCon debacle, here is the latest stop-gap from accused predatory pedophile Ed Kramer, who is trying very hard to avoid prosecution. Notice the nurse who had what she had to say about his condition is connected to DragonCon. Does this mean anything? Maybe. Maybe not. But here's the latest news, though it's heavy on legal talk.

05/23/13-We're thinking of the Oklahoma victims at this time. If you are looking to communicate with loved ones, please use safeandwell.org. If you'd like to donate, here are two options: Text STORM to 80888 for Salvation Army and text FOOD to 32333 for Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

05/23/13-"Paris-based Backup Media has teamed up with Memento Films International to finance Cold In July, an adaptation of the Joe Lansdale cult novel that will be director Jim Mickle's next film." Read the full story here. Or read this story.

05/23/13-Champion Joe is literally huge in Italy. Check it out.

05/16/13-This interview from Reid Kerr might be of interest to writers and would-be writers.

05/09/13-Champion Joe's latest is The Thicket, and you can win an Advance Reader Copy here!

05/02/13—If you hang around here 'cause you like Champion Joe's Western stories, you'll want to check out this interview.

05/02/13-"Amid the wisecracks and the splatter, the down-home dialogue and the darkness, [Joe] Lansdale has stumbled on to a pretty good portrait of humanity. He just makes us all seem a little more interesting." To read the rest of this insightful article, click here.

05/02/13—For our Italian visitors.

05/02/13-Available on ebook: Cold in July, at only $3.99! Check it out.

05/02/13-This list includes some Mojo, we're very proud to say!

05/02/13-Champion Joe says, "Trent is a friend of mine, and he's having some health problems. If you want to kick in a little bit to help him out, here's the info."

05/02/13-Champion Joe is hitting the road this summer! Look for him at Comicpalooza in Houston and Bouchercon in Albany.

04/25/13-"As a writer you can work so hard toward finding your voice, once found you can squeeze it to death until it becomes a parody of what it was you were looking for. It's okay to relax it. Once you find your natural voice you can play with it, like you would a puppy. It may grow up and change a bit as time goes on, but you can pretty much always recognize the dog without having to have it stuffed and mounted. No matter how many tricks your voice learns, how excited it gets, how calm it finally becomes, it's still your dog (voice)."

04/25/13-Available on ebooks, "Bubba Ho-Tep." And at an amazing price. Check it out.

04/18/13-Champion Joe slipped a piece of Mojo into Old Mars, on sale in October, and A Feast of Frights, on sale now.

04/18/13-Soon to be available through Amazon: Christmas with the Dead, a film based on a Champion Joe story, directed by Terrill Lee Lankford, scripted by Keith Lansdale. Starring Damian Maffei, Brad Maule, Chet Williamson, with a lot of other Lansdale friends and family, including daughter Kasey, who contributed music along with Judy Pancost. It's a long list, too much to put it all here. An odd little piece, not your standard zombie film, not exactly a comedy or a drama. Check out the trailer here.

04/18/13-Killer Kasey turns in an amazing performance!

04/18/13-"It's winter and the news is depressing. Cheer up by reading some Joe R. Lansdale. Even when his sad-sack protagonists fail (or even die), it's entertaining." To read the rest of the Macomb Daily's review of Razored Saddles, click here.

04/11/13-"Sometimes you fail. It happens with everything. Sometimes your failures get published. But here's the thing: if you don't write it, don't put it out there, due to fear of failure, you've already failed. Success is about staying at it, and knowing that you can't walk a high wire forever without at least slipping, and possibly falling now and then. So if it's your burning dream to write, set the dream on fire, and do it. Otherwise, you're just someone with a story in your head, and that's fine enough if it's fine for you. But don't let fear keep it there if you want to let it out."

04/11/13-"After I read the first four pages in Bad Chili, I found myself laughing so hard that I literally started crying and then got stomach cramps. I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to read this unbelievable series. I must’ve had my head buried in a hole of sand." Not only is this a great review; it's also an announcement about Joe R. Lansdale Appreciation Day. (For the record, around here, every day is Joe R. Lansdale Appreciation Day. But we're glad to see that the rest of the world is starting to catch up.)

04/11/13-We're trying to make more readers aware of this strange little book, The Ape Man's Brother, available only in ebooks now, but available in actual book form next year. It's not a Tarzan novel. It's kind of pulp, and kind of not. We're fond of it. Champion Joe's fond of it. Maybe you'll be fond of it, too.

04/11/13-Great news from Germany on Edge of Dark Water. Thanks, Germany.

04/11/13-Nice review of Impossible Monsters, the anthology Kasey Lansdale edited. Go, Kasey!

04/11/13-Ever wonder what a Tarzan story would like like if it took place in Caspak? Champion Joe has the answer for you, in the short story he contributed to The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

04/11/13-Champion Joe has signed on to write a Western novella about his character from Soldier'n and Hides and Horns. To be published by Subterranean Press next year.

04/04/13-If you're anywhere near Atlanta, here's a reminder to boycott DragonCon, which is co-owned by alleged child rapist Ed Kramer.

04/04/13-Been looking for A Fine Dark Line in ebook? Look here!

04/04/13-Cover designs for Champon Joe's short-story collection, Bleeding Shadows? Yeah, we can point you to that.

04/04/13-Se si parla italiano, clicca qui.

03/28/13-"Sad news about the death of Rick Hautala, Dave Silva, and James Herbert. Rick and I received the Lifetime Achievement Award together last year, and it was so cool for us to get it together, and it's such a shock this has happened. Dave Silva created a very fine horror magazine, The Horrow Show, which gave so many new writers and beginning writers a shot. I used to write a column for him on movies, and a number of my stories andexcerpts from my work—as well as other tidbits—were published there. Tough news."

03/28/13-If you prefer short stories, especially Champion Mojo short stories, you might enjoy Bleeding Shadows.

03/28/13-"The only true test of miracles: amputees that grow limbs back, and the return of the stinky, rotting dead as whole and living human beings. The rest is just bullshit. Died on the operating table and came back? No, you die, and have begun to rot, and then you come back, that's a miracle. The others are wonderful natural events, but if it requires medical attention and recovery time, it is not a miracle. And don't tell me about 'there are little miracles every day,' like a bird singing in a tree. I want the ones you never see that would prove miracles. And I'm not taking somebody's word for it. Go dig up dead Uncle Charles and bring him back, or pray to have that missing limb or missing eye grow back, and I'm on board. All other mention of miracles is splitting hairs. This stuff, however, that's solid. And if you think I'm going to put up with a bunch of Christians telling about how they were in a car wreck and were supposed to die and didn't? That won't cut it. What I said, and nothing less. Those are absolute miracles. Jesus didn't say, 'Look, I'm curing you of blindness. You go home and put a cold compress on that, and take an aspirin and I'll be around next week to put some salve on it, and in a few days, you should be able to see good as a goddamn hawk.' He said, 'You are cured.' Or so the text goes. But then I have to believe the text. I don't."

03/14/13-From Champion Joe: "Just got the sad news that Dave Silva, founder of the now-gone-but-always-important horror magazine The Horrow Show, just died. David was also a writer and a very nice guy. I hadn't spoken to him in years, and didn't even know he was ill. I'm very sorry to hear it and give my best wishes to all his friends and family."

03/14/13-Ten of Champion Joe's favorite short stories, in no particular order: "The Killers," Ernest Hemingway; "A Good Man is Hard to Find," Flannery O'Conner; "The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol," Philip Jose Farmer; "The Snake," John Steinbeck; "The Next In Line," Ray Bradbury; "Gonna Roll Them Bones," Fritz Leiber; "A Saucer of Lonliness," Theordore Sturgeon; "Desire and the Black Messeur," Tennesse Williams; "Children on Their Birthdays," Truman Capote; "The Halfway Diner," John Sayles.

03/14/13-In the Sunday New York Times, they gave a real nice nod to Edge of Dark Water. Who knew those New Yorkers could even find East Texas?

03/14/13-Prevent cats from taking over the world. Buy this book. Not sure how it prevents them, but I think it does. No. I know it does. Save yourself.

03/14/13-Here's an article about Kasey Lansdale, written by herownself.

03/06/13-"Part of what makes art happen is commerce. Paying bills. Philip K. Dick once dedicated a book to his bill collectors. Some of the best work done has been done to pay bills and survive. And don't come and tell me how art isn't subject to that. Yours may not be, but Hemingway cashed his checks." For more writing tips from Champion Joe, click here.

03/06/13-Bubba Ho-tep action figures. No, really, check it out.

02/28/13-We finally saw an actual printed copy of Edge of Dark Water, and ... it's really nice. We didn't know there was an intro by Dan Simmons, but there is, and it's terrific. It also has a Readers Guide in the back, which we did know about, making it perfect for book clubs. Check it out here.

02/21/13-This speaks for itself: "Behind the Boycott of DragonCon Over Co-Founder Accused of Child Molestation," Deadline, February 19, 2013.

02/21/13-If you like good horror stories by established and newer writers, pick up Fresh Blood and Old Bones, featuring stories by Nancy Collins, Neil Barrett, Jr., and Champion Joe! Only $4.99!

02/21/13-And if you're looking for an All-Joe collection, pick up The Shadows, Kith and Kin, only $3.99!

02/14/13-Impossible Monsters features short stories by Neil Gaiman, Charlaine Harris, Anne Perry, Chet Williamson, and everyone's favorite Champion Mojo Storyteller, among others. And it's edited by Killer Kasey Lansdale. Order yours now!

02/14/13-Heads up, Houston! Champion Joe and Killer Kasey will be appearing February 19 at Brazos Bookstore. Details here!

02/14/13-From Joe: "Forty years ago yesterday, my wife asked me out on date. She wasn't my wife then, of course. We've been together ever since, and as of August of this year will have been married forty years. I don't know if she regrets that request or not, but I'm still here and so is she."

02/14/13-"Dad told me once that if people don't care about where they live, the way they act, people they associate with, they get lost in the dark, can't find their way back 'cause there's no light left. I had taken a pretty good step into the shadows tonight." You want the rest of the story? It's only 99¢, right here.

02/14/13-A tale of terror set in the wild, weird West! Plug-ugly Norville wound up in Wood Tick, Texas, 'cause his dad was fleeing the scene of a crime—murder. Norville grew up just as ugly, but managed to find a bride and acquire a homestead, good as new but abandoned. The only problem is the well, which is blocked by big, white stones. One by one, Norville unblocks the well, unaware he’s slowly setting free something old and dark and evil.... Keith Lansdale and Brian Denham adapted Champion Joe's The Crawling Sky to comics, for Antarctic Press! First issue is out now, more info here!

02/07/13-It was sale now--but now it's sold out! Dead Aim, the next chapter in the Hap & Leonard series, hit the market and disappeared. Maybe that's because Publishers Weekly called it "tart, smart, and dangerous." Or maybe that's because all those guys who had their asses handed to them by Hap & Leonard are trying to fgure out where they'll be next. Either way, if you want to read a copy now, your only option is to get the ebook.

02/07/13-News about Champion Joe's next novel, The Thicket: It's due in September and it takes place at the turn of the 20th Century. Smallpox, a kidnapping, a murder, a dwarf bounty hunter, and a black grave digger who serves part-time as a tracker, all told by the brother of the kidnapped girl ... and that's only part of the ingredients. There's also a simple, nifty cornbread recipe.

01/31/13-We're less than two weeks out from the trade paperback release of Champion Joe's Edge of Dark Water! So how about celebrating by listening to Killer Kasey's song, "Edge of Dark Water"? Enjoy!

01/31/13-Champion Joe has a new short-stories collection coming out November 2013 titled Bleeding Shadows. "The stories in it have not been collected in short-story collections before," he promises, and "this book will also contain novellas. It will be huge in size." And it'll be published by Subterranean Press. To read more about the book and eyeball the cover, click here!

01/24/13-How do you like your Edge of Dark Water? Do you like it as a hardcover or paperback? As an ebook or as a signed, limited-edition slipcased hardcover from England (meaning you'll fid an extra "u" or two in words like "colour")? Whatever the format, we think you'll like it just fine!

01/24/13-"Most Southerners who are honest about their region know that though there is a beautiful side to the South, there is also a gothic snake that lurks in the undergrowth, and it can raise its fanged head at any moment. I think like Flannery O'Connor said about Southerners, 'We still know weird when we see it.' That's true. But sometimes we are part of the weird. I think every region has its dark side. It's just that I know this region better than any other, so that's what I write about. I’m drawn to the darker part of it, because that's the part that haunts me." Click here to read the rest of Tom Piccirilli's interview with Champion Joe!

01/17/13-Champion Joe offers some thoughts on writing.

01/17/13-We're a month away from the paperback release of Edge of Dark Water, a book that's been selected among the best of 2012 by Kirkus, Booklist, The Boston Globe, and LitReactor!

01/10/13-Champion Joe is not only a Champion Mojo Storyteller—he's also a Professor of Martial Arts! On January 26, from 9am to 12pm in Nacogdoches, he'll celebrate 50 years of studying a wide array of martial arts. Everyone is invited to attend, no charge, to this celebration of Professor Joe's life in the arts, and of his contribution, the creation of the system of Shen Chuan Martial Science. There will be demonstrations and discussions covering Professor Lansdale and Shen Chuan, by students and instructors at the Lansdale's Self Defense/Shen Chuan dojo. Professor Lansdale will cap it off with whatever he wants (discussion, demonstration. or good ol' East Texas Ass Whoopin'). Then in the evening, at 7pm, we will gather at Coy Harry's house for some food and reminiscing. More info here!

01/10/13-"The Workplace, Wet or Dry" is an article Champion Joe did on writing for Mulholland Books some time back. You may have seen it, but if not, you can now!

01/03/13-Two weeks ago, we told you Edge of Dark Water had been picked as one of the 100 best novels of 2012 by Kirkus. Last week, Booklist placed it among the year's Best Adult Books for Young Adults. Now you can add this to the accolades: The Boston Globe has listed Edge among the ten best crime books of 2012 and LitReactor has it listed among the best of 2012. If you missed the hardcover, preorder the trade paperback now!

01/03/13-You never read the short-story collection The Shadows, Kith and Kin? Well, you can get the ebook now for only $3.99!

01/03/13-Champion Joe has a short story in Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations ... as if the title alone hadn't already sold you....

01/03/13-Champion Joe says, "Growing Up Dead in Texas is my favorite of Stephen Graham Jones's many good books. He has the same problem I have. He likes to be varied." He also says, "I'm just going to say it straight out. You need Another Chance to Get It Right by my bro Andrew Vachss."

01/03/13-"The truly fun thing about Fresh Blood & Old Bones is the sheer number of monsters captured in the eighteen tales collected by Kasey Lansdale in this offering of short fiction by established and neophyte horror writers. " Click here to read the full review from Hellnotes, and click here to read the book itself!

12/27/12-Last week, we told you that Edge of Dark Water had been described as one of the 100 best novels of 2012 by Kirkus; as needing a "Do Not Start at Bedtime" warning by Library Journal; "entertaining, eerie and soaked with the East Texas period atmosphere Lansdale owns like no other writer" by The Dallas Morning News; and "our favorite book of the year" by the Austin Chronicle ... and has the Boston Globe raving, "When I reached the final page, something happened that I can't remember ever happening with a book I've read for a review. I wanted to read it again." And the New York Journal of Books declares it "has all the potential of becoming a classic, read by generations to come." Well, in case that didn't sell you, Booklist has named Edge among the year's best Adult Books for Young Adults. Check it out!

12/20/12-Edge of Dark Water (described as one of the 100 best novels of 2012 by Kirkus; as needing a "Do Not Start at Bedtime" warning by Library Journal; "entertaining, eerie and soaked with the East Texas period atmosphere Lansdale owns like no other writer" by The Dallas Morning News; and "our favorite book of the year" by the Austin Chronicle ... and has the Boston Globe raving, "When I reached the final page, something happened that I can't remember ever happening with a book I've read for a review. I wanted to read it again." And the New York Journal of Books declares it "has all the potential of becoming a classic, read by generations to come." Just sayin'...) will be released in trade paperback on February 12, 2013. (And it comes with a bonus: a free download of Kasey Lansdale's song, "Edge of Dark Water"!) Check it out!

12/20/12-Champion Joe says, "I have two stories in The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade, and though I'm proud to be in it, I think these lables that so many people strive for are what sometimes does them in. I've been labled everything, but the only label I will embrace is Lansdale. Still, it's a good anthology, and interesting and odd. I been doing some of this sort of thing for a long time, but I've been doing other things as well, which is why I don't want to embrace a tag. Because I like to change."

12/20/12-Champion Joe also says, "Here's an article on my friend Ardath, and on writing. Ardath passed away some time back, but I like to make sure she's remembered."

12/20/12-And here's a true-life story from Champion Joe: "When I was going to high school in Gladewater, there was this sort of sad-sack school bully who I had a mild confrontation with, and then he left me alone. But later I saw him at school and he was happy for the first time. He came to class laughing, singing a silly song that went, 'If at first you don't suck seed, keep on sucking till you do suceed.' This was unsettling. On top of the song, he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. The cops came and picked him up. Seemed a day or two before he had shot and killed his family and buried them in the yard with a garden tractor. Oddly, it wasn't long after, maybe out on bail or whatever, he showed up outside P.E. class wanting to say hi, like we had all been his buddies and missed him, after him being such a bully. I felt sorry for him in one way, and in another way, not at all. I wonder what happened to him sometimes."

12/20/12-"Unhinged and Unchained is a book of what I hope is interesting tid-bits from my career. One of the Amazon reviews talks about how offensive the opening essay is, and yet the reviewer did like the book. For the life of me I can't figure what he found that offensive. Could it have been something I said?"

12/20/12-A Clutch of Zombies contains a story by Champion Joe, as well as three other authors. And boy is the price right. Looking for a Kindle gift? This might be a good one for those folks who like to read horror, and in this case, zombie fiction.

12/13/12-Dead in the West and four novellas about the Preacher. Now out in paper from Tachyon Books. Get yours!

12/13/12-Friends of The Bubba, check this out: Bubba Ho-Tep (Hail to the King Edition)

12/13/12-So, a bunch of Act of Love got dinged in shipment, and are now for sale for ten bucks. These are beautiful books from Subterranean Press and this volume contains a novella about Marvin Hanson, and an interview. Really nice-looking, illustrated book. And dinged at then is a good price.

12/06/12-Edge of Dark Water is one of the 100 best novels of 2012. No ... really, it is. And if you don't believe us, maybe you'll believe Kirkus.

12/06/12-What's next for Champion Joe? "The Ape Man's Brother! It's a novella about an ape man telling a story about his good friend who they find as a baby and raise, and how outsiders come to take him home, and how while in an alternate New York they are both subjected to civilzation and change. And that's just part of it." The Ape Man's Brother is available now as a Kindle, and will be coming in print soon!

12/06/12-All hail Rick Klaw! The Klaw Man is compiling an anthology called Rayguns Over Texas, and Champion Joe is among the participants. And once The Klaw releases more information than that, we'll share it with ya!

12/06/12-Head to the Subterranean site, where they're accepting preorders on Dead Aim, a Hap & Leonard novella to be published January 2013. Preorder yours before they're gone!

11/29/12-All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky is out in paperback and e-reader. Perfect for classrooms studying the Great Depression, with story notes and questions, as well as an interview with Champion Joe in the back. Check it out!

11/22/12-Sixguns and zombies, a chicken-eating werewolf, deals with the Devil, and things that go bump in the night. John Wayne never had to deal with these kind of shenanigans, or these kinds of rowdies. But Joe R. Lansdale and John L. Lansdale aren't afraid, partner. They make this kind of material their everyday business. Compared to the cowpokes in their stories, John Wayne was a big sissy. Shadows West has got shoot-em-ups and bite-em-ups and blow em-ups, and the appearance of classic bad guys, like Jesse James, sent straight from hell with a bad attitude. We got a horse black as the pit and fast as the wind. We got things that won't die even when they're dead. There are demons and ugly people, both inside and out, giant spiders and unnecessary cursing, and one hot red-head heifer with an eye patch and a bull whip. Check it out!

11/15/12-Champion Joe says, "My Bro Andrew Vachss has a new book out, and I want to mention it again. A Bomb Built in Hell, from Vintage/Black Lizard. It's a humdinger. And if that isn't enough, he and artist Geof Darrow have a pulp-style story out in Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine. Why didn't I know about this magazine? Way, way, cool."

11/15/12-Champion Joe also says, "I'm not saying I haven't done some donkey work to survive, but I rode a good donkey, and tried to make sure once I got the donkey up the mountain it was still a good donkey and I wasn't ashamed for riding it, but not with my dick in its ass. I did the best work I could so that I could do the work I wanted. That sort of work was done early on, especially as I was learning. I didn't know I didn't like riding the donkey till I tried a few times. I have more respect for the artist that works and takes care of their family than the one who always lives by the artist code and everyone be damned that's depending on him. But that can be an excuse to just keep riding the donkey because it's handy in the barn. To be really good and your own writer, you have to leave the farm."

11/01/12-Champion Joe says, "Terrible disaster on East Coast with Sandy having wrecked so much beyond any expectation, or beyond most. Glad to see Obama and Christie putting aside politics and working together. Something I love to see. That's Americans at their best."

11/01/12-InReads says Champion Joe's "crime novels have a twisted gothic imagination to them, his horror works a hard won cynicism, that makes him truly nasty reading." Read the whole article, "Six for the Season"!

11/01/12-It's 56 pages of child-friendly fun! Check out In Waders from Mars, the story of the Martian duck invasion, by Champion Joe, Killer Keith, and Kindly Karen!

11/01/12-Champion Joe says, "Here's a new book from my friend Nancy Collins. She practically invented the modern vampire novel along with Ann Rice, only Nancy takes a different tact. She's been copied by everyone, but she's the real deal."

10/25/12-More good news for Hap & Leonard fans: Champion Joe just turned in a Hap and Leonard novella, Bent Twig, to George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois for their anthology Rogues!

10/25/12-If you come here each week for your totally free Mojo story, you might want to check out The Shadows, Kith and Kin, a collection that includes this week's story. It's now available as an ebook!

10/18/12-Here's the trailer you've been waiting for!

With a story written by Champion Joe, adapted by Keith Lansdale, and starring Kasey Lansdale, it's gonna be No sleep till Christmas!

10/11/12-When Edge of Dark Water comes out in trade paperback next year, it'll arrive with a bonus: a free download of Kasey Lansdale's song, "Edge of Dark Water." Two Lansdales for the price of one!

10/11/12-And speaking of the Blonde Nightingale, Kasey has put together a horror anthology that includes short stories by Neal Barrett Jr., Nancy A. Collins, and Champion Joe, among others! Check out Fresh Blood, Old Bones!

10/11/12-The Wicked Library has adapted one of Champion Joe's short stories to audio ... and it's free! Listen here!

10/11/12-Champion Joe's young adult novel All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky, is out now in paperback. Order yours now and see why the Las Vegas Journal Review called it "a winner ... cementing Lansdale’s status as one of the best storytellers of our time."

10/04/12-File this under "Whoop! Whoop!" Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale is being inducted into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame later this month. Best get your vanilla cookies and Dr. Pepper while you can, because you know the store shelves will be emptying out shortly....

09/20/12-You'd think it was a work of fiction, but, no ... it's for real. Click here to purchase Tyler Junior College v. Lansdale (Joe), the US Supreme Court transcript of the case a young Champion Joe brought in order to get his long-haired self into college.

09/06/12-Champion Joe is one of 41 writers (including Andrew Vachss, George Pelecanos, Charles de Lint, Ken Bruen, Chet Williamson, Michael A. Black, Wayne D. Dundee, and Zak Mucha) who has contributed to Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT. As the title implies, it's a benefit book. Unlike most benefit books, 100% of the money raised goes to the beneficiary. So go read, have fun, and feel good about it!

09/06/12-Champion Joe says, "There's a children's book, written for young readers by Keith Lansdale, my son, Karen Lansdale, my wife, and me, titled In Waders From Mars. Yep. That's the correct title. Keith told us the story when he was five. I wrote it down for him, and Karen gave it an ending that worked, and Doug Potter did wonderful illustrations and a beautiful cover. It's going to be up and advertised on the Subterranean site later this month. If you're interested, you might snag a copy. Not that many out there. Fun for the kiddies."

08/30/12-Champion Joe says, "Harry Harrison has died. I read a lot of his stuff in the past. Loved Deathworld and The Stainless Steel Rat."

08/30/12-Since its inception in 2001, Champion Joe has been involved with—and a member of—PROTECT, America's first politicval lobby for child protection. Earlier this week, Mets pitcher RA Dickey also joined the membership organization, in a very public way. Check it out!

08/30/12-Spoiler alert: clicking on this link will give Champion Joe's view on spoilers.

08/30/12-The Ape Man's Brother ... remember that title.

08/30/12-If you liked Edge of Dark Water, maybe you'll want to order the signed limited-edition. Or if you missed it in hardcover, maybe you'll want to get the trade paperback.

08/23/12- "Subterranean Press reports that Joe R. Lansdale has turned in Dead Aim, his newest 20,000 word novella to feature everyone’s favorite dysfunctional duo, Hap and Leonard." Click here to read the rest of the story!

08/23/12-Champion Joe says, "Historian from Nacogdoches Archie McDonald has died. That sucks. I thought a lot of him. A fine man, a fine historian, a great conversationalist."

08/23/12-If you haven't heard about Congressman Todd Akin, you need to read more news. And if you haven't read what Joe's brother Andrew Vachss wrote about Akin, then you need to read that now!

08/16/12-Wondering what the latest is on the film adaptation of Champion Joe's "Christmas with the Dead"? Click here to find out!

08/16/12-Got a Kindle? Get stocked up on Champion Mojo Storytelling!

08/02/12-Last week we mentioned a writing contest. This week ... there's a winner! Read "Two Left Feet" by Champion Dyslexic Storyteller Douglas E Wright!

08/02/12-In case one story isn't enough ... "The Drunken Moon," from Subterranean Press Magazine, Winter 2012! Enjoy!

07/12/12- "As I've grown older I've become even more of an animal lover, and I wish I could quit eating the poor bastards." To read the rest of Out of the Gutter's interview with Champion Joe, click here!

06/07/12-Joe Lansdale's brother Andrew Vachss was on Dave Marsh's Sirius XM radio show back in April. Dave asked Andrew what music he wanted to play; Andrew said, so long as he started with Kasey Lansdale, it didn't matter what came after. You can listen to that interview—which begins with Kasey's track—below!

05/24/12-Champion Joe says, "Write something." He says it in this podcast, "Stories from the Edge." Listen here.

05/24/12-Champion Joe wrote an entry for 20SomethingReads. Even if you're years beyond that, read it here!

05/24/12-Postcards from the Edge says, "Lansdale, casi la definición de autor sui generis, lleva más de 30 años entreteniéndonos con sus muy particulares historias. Ustedes escojan. Sus cuentos o novelas. Sus comics. Sus guiones para televisión." To read the entire review, click here!

05/17/12-Champion Joe had a conversation with his brother, Andrew Vachss. Maybe you read the transcript a few weeks ago, but until you hear the conversation, you haven't heard anything. Listen here.

05/10/12- "This ain’t no Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; assorted family members, authorities, and an all-too-real boogeyman are in no-kidding-gonna-kill-you hot pursuit as the friends raft down the Sabine. An unstoppable read, [Edge of Dark Water should come with the warning 'Do Not Start @Bedtime.'" Read the entire Library Journal review here!

05/10/12-You like Hap & Leonard? Then why not "like" Hap & Leonard?

05/03/12- "Sometimes if I don't write for a day or two, I get backed up — it's like constipation." That's what Champion Joe said to the New York Times. Read the whole article: "A Fresh Discovery, Three Decades in the Making."

04/19/12-The Boston Globe says Edge of Dark Water is "a terrific read. From its pages waft memories of Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, and even As I Lay Dying with its journey to lay a soul to rest. When I reached the final page, something happened that I can’t remember ever happening with a book I’ve read for a review. I wanted to read it again." Bookgasm continues the praise, saying it's "another stunning triumph for [Lansdale], who for many years has proven himself one of the most talented American storytellers working today. His latest novel is inarguably one of the best novels of this year." And, in a starred review(!), Kirkus calls Edge a "highly entertaining tour de force."

04/19/12-Champion Joe spoke with Macabre Cadaver about Edge of Dark Water. Read all about it here!

04/12/12-The Dallas Morning News says Edge of Dark Water is "entertaining, eerie and soaked with the East Texas period atmosphere Lansdale owns like no other writer. Joe R. Lansdale could fall into the Sabine River at its filthiest point and still come out dripping nothing but storytelling mojo." Meanwhile, the Austin Chronicle swears that Edge is "our favorite book of the year so far, and one of Lansdale's best, ever. ... It's a doozy of a read, the kind of book we call an 'all nighter' on account of because if you crack this one open at nightfall you'll likely find yourself finishing it come dawn's early light. ... There's no one on earth that writes, or has ever written, like The Nacogdoches Kid, and if you don't believe us, tough titty and your loss, pardner." Now, if that's not enough to restore your faith in Texas journalism, nothing is!

04/12/12-From Spinetingler Magazine: "Edge of Dark Water is a dark tale of loss and despair, of growing up dirt poor, where adults are mean and children are worthless inconveniences. The story is taunt and laced with humor with beautiful prose–writing that's as smooth and deep as the river that flows through town. What I really loved about this book is how I got so caught up in it. Edge of Dark Water is an impressive, riveting story that I devoured quickly and completely enjoyed every minute of. Loved it."

04/05/12-Go into any Barnes & Noble in the next two weeks, and you'll see Champion Joe's Edge of Dark Water on the main table. Here at The Orbit, we got a real position of prominence for it—we keep it in the outhouse, where folks can actually luxuriate and read it. Where do you keep your copy of Edge?

04/05/12-Yeah, that's right. That was the cover of Champion Joe's The Bottoms you saw in the latest issue of Oprah Magazine. And, yeah, that was Bill Paxton who said, "[The Bottoms] has a lot of hair on it. ... I think Joe is one of the best living writers of the Southwest." So, yeah, we figure, for the next couple weeks, Joe's gonna expect his popcorn free. Fair enough.

03/29/12-Champion Joe had a conversation with his brother Andrew Vachss. You can listen in here.

03/29/12-Bill Crider says "[Mark] Twain couldn't have written this book." In the Barnes & Noble Mystery Blog, Jedidiah-Ayres writes, "I gave up marking my favorite passages after 20 pages because they were legion and beginning to completely dominate the pages—to the point that I began to reconsider the unmarked passages—just what was wrong with them, anyhow?" It's Edge of Dark Water, and it's on sale now!

03/15/12-Chris High calls it "a gem of a story." Violin in a Void says "It's told with rich Southern wit [and] very dark humour." And Warren Moore—who is the Associate Professor of English at Newberry College and a reviewer for The American Culture—declares it to be "exciting, creepy, funny — and remarkable." It's Edge of Dark Water, and you'll have a chance to make up your own mind about it in ... less than two weeks! If you're in Houston, Los Angeles, Burbank, Phoenix, or Austin, click here to find the date and time of your Mojo visit!

03/08/12-Champion Joe is hitting the road! If you're in Houston, Los Angeles, Burbank, Phoenix, or Austin, click here to find the date and time of your Mojo visit!

03/08/12-Who is that on the cover of Discover East Texas Magazine?

02/23/12-Champion Joe says, "My brother Andrew has a new novel coming out in March. You can read an excerpt of that novel on our site, by clicking here. And you can read an excerpt from my novel on my brother's site, by clicking here." Enjoy!

That's How I Roll by Andrew Vachss

02/16/12-The New York Journal of Books says, "A coming-of-age story peopled with original and fascinating blood-and-bones characters. A chillingly atmospheric tale of good and evil and adolescent angst. Edge of Dark Water has all the potential of becoming a classic, read by generations to come." Click here for a preview!

02/16/12-Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale talks about Edge of Dark Water:

02/16/12-Was there an actual aluminum chair factory in Champion Joe's past? Find out for yourself here:

02/09/12-Here's what Library Journal says about Champion Joe's latest, Edge of Dark Water: "Lansdale crafts a perfect noir mood using time, place, and culture for a novel that pits the pretty good against pure evil. This literary thriller will add to his fan base while sating the appetite of the already converted." Sorta makes you want to read it yourself, huh? Well ... check it out!

02/09/12-Oren Moverman has been attached to Ridley Scott's adaptation of "The Big Blow." Read the Indiewire news story here, and then go read Champion Joe's novella (for 99¢!) here!

02/09/12-Champion Joe's not the only one with a new book coming out. Here's the cover of the latest from his friend Charles Saunders:

Dossouye by Charles R. Saunders

02/02/12-"Ardath Mayhar died in the very early hours of February first. I knew Ardath Mayhar for many years. I think somewhere near 37 years." You can read Joe R. Lansdale's memorial to Ardath Mayhar here, and you'll find an earlier article he wrote in honor of Ardath's birthday here. And you should do yourself a favor and read Ardath's short story "Crawfish."

01/26/12-The next knock-out punch from Champion Joe is Edge of Dark Water, to be published March 25 by Mulholland Books. Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say about it in their starred review: "Edgar-winner Lansdale channels Mark Twain in this chillingly atmospheric stand-alone. Lansdale's perfect ear for regional dialogue and ability to create palpable suspense lift this above the pack." Learn more about this new book here!

01/19/12-Champion Joe talks to Reid about writing! Listen to the podcast here!

01/19/12-Celebrate 100 years of Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter of Mars with this all-new anthology, Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom, that includes a story by Champion Joe!

01/12/12-Champion Joe was honored last week with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Horror Writers Association! Here's some of what they included in their press release: "The Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious of the Bram Stoker Awards, given by the HWA in acknowledgment of superior achievement not just in a single work but over an entire career. Past Lifetime Achievement Award winners include such noted authors as Stephen King, Anne Rice, Joyce Carol Oates, Ray Bradbury, F. Paul Wilson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Brian Lumley, William F. Nolan, and Peter Straub. Winners must have exhibited a profound, positive impact on the fields of horror and dark fantasy." Champion Joe will receive his Award at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City (March 29 - April 1, 2012). For more information on the convention, click here. To learn more about the award, click here.

01/05/12-"[Joe R. Lansdale's] style is so unique and so awesome that I have to actively prevent myself from trying to mimic his tendencies. To put it a little more plainly, it'd be like watching old videos of Michael Jordan dunking, rushing out to the driveway in my old hightop Nikes, and attempting a double-pump slam from the free-throw line. I'd hurt myself. Badly." Click here to read the rest of Jonathan Janz's very kind ode to Champion Joe!