05/26/16-Heads up, Agoura Hills! Kasey Lansdale is opening for Wynona Judd on June 17. To get your tickets, click here!

05/26/16-We had everything set up. The mules had been pulled off the wagon, fed and watered, and were tied out next to the woods. We had the clearing fixed up for Billy Bob's shooting show, and we had the ring built for Rot Toe to wrestle in. The ring was six tall poles buried deep in the ground and a wide-hole netting pulled around it and over the top. It's "The Wagic Wagon," and it's the totally free Mojo story of the week! Enjoy!

05/12/16-Check out Timothy Truman's cover painting for Dead on the Bone, a pulp collection coming later this year from Subterranean Press:

05/12/16-Champion Joe and Killer Kasey have co-written The Case of the Bleeding Wall!

05/12/16-Shooting the shit with Joe R. Lansdale. Nuff said.

05/05/16-It's a Lansdale/Lansdale crossover! Killer Kasey is performing the audiobook adaptation of Champion Joe's Fender Lizards!

04/28/16-Behooven Press has just republished Joe's great early novel The Nightrunners with a brand-new cover! As Tim Bryant says, "You can't get your Lansdale Merit Badge if you haven't read this one!"

04/28/16-Heads up, Portland, Maine! Champion Joe's one-act play "By Bizarre Hands" will be performed at the Port Fringe Festival in June!

04/28/16-Place your pre-orders now for Kasey's new EP!

04/21/16-Here's a link to some Hap & Leonard music. More to follow later this year. Haven't even touched on Lefty Frizzell yet.

04/21/16-Champion Joe says, "That's right, there's a new Andrew Vachss novel. Check it out!"

04/14/16-According to Matt Molgaards, Champion Joe's The Bottoms is one of the "15 Best Books of the Century, Thus Far." Who are we to argue?

04/07/16-Hap & Leonard comics? You bet!

04/07/16-You missed the Hap & Leonard TV show? Not too late! Go watch it on Sundance.tv!

03/31/16-It's a Joe R. Lansdale Film Festival at sundance.tv! The four featured films are "Once We Were Children," "Hit Call," "Bar Talk," and "The Drunken Moon"!

03/24/16-From Champion Joe:"Sadly, there is nothing that can be said that matters as much as you would like for it to, but to all those in Brussels, I think of you, for what little that is worth. Stay strong."

03/24/16-One of Champion Joe's rare children's stories is now available for immediate download as an ebook!

03/24/16-"A lot of gays don’t fit stereotypes, and one of the reasons I wrote Leonard is I knew plenty of gay people that weren't the funny neighbor next door." To read Champion Joe's entire Q&A with the New York Times, click here.

03/17/16-Champion Joe is honored to be among the 2016 Spur Award winners from Western Writers of America! Paradise Sky was named Best Historical Western — check it out!

03/17/16-"The teachings of the Church of Lansdale are simple enough: Good, decent people must band together to thwart evil. We must shuffle off our differences and enter into combat for the upright." To read the rest of the Dallas Morning News' review of Honky Tonk Samurai and Hap and Leonard, click here!

03/17/16-Can't get enough of Hap and Leonard? Check out this downloadable short story, "Briar Patch Boogie!"

03/17/16-The Wall Street Journal calls the Sundance Channel's adaptation of Hap and Leonard "wreathed in fear but so rich in atmosphere"! To read the entire review, click here!

03/10/16-Bookreporter calls Honkytonk Samurai "hilarious, crude and violent, peppered through and through with unforgettable characters that leap off the page, dance around the room, and run off down the road. It doesn’t get any better than this." To read the entire review, click here.

03/10/16-If you're enjoying the Sundance Channel's "Hap & Leonard" series, you'll probably also enjoy the book it adapts: Savage Season!

03/10/16-The Sundance Channel's "Hap & Leonard" is getting some sweet press! Check out the reviews in Rolling Stone, Memphis Flyer, JoBlo, and Psycho Drive-in!

03/03/16-Did you miss last night's premier of "Hap & Leonard"? Catch up here!

03/03/16-The San Francisco Chronicle calls "Hap & Leonard" "a steamy Texas noir." The Hollywood Reporter describes it as, "Sweaty, hard-boiled Texas thrills." And the Austin Chronicle declares Champion Joe is "the finest writer ... to come out of Texas since O. Henry kicked off his literary career while stuck in the Travis County Jail after being caught embezzling mucho dinero from the First National Bank of Austin back in the late 19th century." But why not watch the show for your ownself and make up your own quote?

03/03/16-And check out this "Hap & Leonard" animation!

02/25/16-Champion Joe's Honkytonk Samurai has gone into a second printing! Thank you for making this new Hap & Leonard book a hit!

02/25/16-Champion Joe was interviewed on the NPR radio show "Fresh Air!"

02/25/16-Sundance TV asked Champion Joe six questions — here are the answers!

02/25/16-We're less than a week away from the March 2 premier of Sundance TV's adaptation of "Hap & Leonard"! Check out these videos to get primed!

02/25/16-Champion Joe says, "Harper Lee was the conscious of the South, the way Twain had been — and more than the South, the whole country. Her novel is my favorite novel. The film made from her novel is my favorite film. Harper Lee and To Kill A Mockingbird really mattered in my life, beyond just a good read. I know that's true of many readers of her novel, and viewers of the film. Thank you, Harper Lee."

02/18/16-If you're a fan of 1970s rock, Champion Joe says you'll want to check out his friend's GoFundMe project!

02/18/16-And speaking of Joe's friends ... have you seen Bruce Campbell's "Ash vs. Evil Dead"?

02/11/16-"There’s excessive violence ... raunchy language, sexist attitudes, tasteless humor, adolescent clowning around and general vulgarity. Not to mention characters named Weasel and Booger." To read the entire New York Times Book Review of Champion Joe's Honkytonk Samurai, click here!

02/11/16-Watch the Sundance Channel behind-the-scenes video for next month's "Hap & Leonard" TV series:

02/11/16-"Lansdale is nothing short of a master storyteller, having perfected a conversational style that evokes well deserved comparisons to Mark Twain. Reading a Lansdale novel is not unlike sitting down with your windy grandpa and listening to him spin yarns that are just as thoroughly entertaining as they are outlandish but somehow still maintain little nuggets of truth that keep you wondering." To read the entire Lebanon Daily Record review of Champion Joe's Honkytonk Samurai, click here!

02/04/16-On sale now!

02/04/16-"Joe R. Lansdale is the toast of Italy, a hot property in Hollywood, and an inspiration to a generation of horror and thriller writers everywhere. And he owes it all to Nacogdoches." To read the entire story from the February 2016 issue of Texas Monthly, click here!

01/28/16-Watch the Access Hollywood sneak peak of the Sundance Channel's new "Hap & Leonard" TV series:

01/21/16-On sale now! The limited edition of Paradise Sky:

01/14/16-Get news about the new "Hap & Leonard" TV series first! Sign up here! And to watch a preview...

01/14/16-Champion Joe says, "Mention a book, you get a few thousand. Mention a TV show and you get many thousands. Neat and disconcerting at the same time. I love film and am involved in it, but I'm a writer first. Would love for those same excited people to buy the books. Now that would be cool. Since Honkytonk Samurai comes out next month, order now. Show some love if you like Hap and Leonard, or are curious, or want to see the basis for the TV show. I wouldn't mind Honkytonk Samurai being a bestseller and I wouldn't mind readers making it one."

01/07/16-If you like Champion Joe's writing and would like to help us share it with the masses, here's a way to do that: pre-order the forthcoming Hap & Leonard novel, Honkytonk Samurai. It's available at bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble websites, you name it. But preorder or buy the day it comes out -- that's how places like the New York Times determine what makes their list. And what makes their list is what gets read. Thanks!

01/07/16-And that goes for all our friends in Italy, too! Here's an Italian review of Honkytonk Samurai!

12/24/15-Check it out! First Hap & Leonard graphic novel!

12/24/15-It's that most wonderful time of the year, and the vaults are being thrown open with deals aplenty! Hap and Leonard twofer: an original hardback of Savage Season plus an original hardback of Two Bear Mambo, together for $50. First edition of Captains Outrageous, $18. First edition of A Fine Dark Line, $18. First edition of A Few Stories More, $35. All prices include shipping and handling in the US. For international orders, ask before paying. Contact Kasey to reserve your treasures!

12/17/15-First teaser trailer from the Sundance Channel's Hap & Leonard!

12/17/15-In March 2016, Tachyon is releasing Hap & Leonard, a collection of stories featuring ... wait for it ... Hap & Leonard! Some have been collected before, some haven't. And if you get the ebook version, Hap & Leonard Ride Again, you'll find that contains even more new or uncollected material!

12/10/15-Sundance channel creates series from Joe Lansdale's Hap & Leonard mysteries

12/10/15-Champion Joe received the Raymond Chandler Award at the Courmayeur Noir In Festival: check it out!

12/10/15-Kasey Lansdale!

12/03/15-It's a "colorful tale with characters that have depth"! It's "great stuff, and you'll enjoy every word"! It's Champion Joe's Fender Lizards, and you should check it out!

12/03/15-Check out Champion Joe's "Santa Explains" in the first volume of Christmas Horror, available for preorder from Dark Regions Press!

12/03/15-Here's your chance to win a "Hap and Leonard" prize pack from the Sundance Channel! Entries accepted until December 14!

12/03/15-Dark Regions interviewed Champion Joe! Listen in here!

11/26/15-No need to be blue! Here comes Steam Man#2!

11/26/15-Thankful for family:

11/19/15-Champion Joe says, "Horrified by the events in Paris. My condolences and I hope the cowards responsible for arranging such an attack are all brought to justice."

11/19/15-Kasey Lansdale at a performance in Los Angeles. Give it a listen and a share if you like it.

11/19/15-"Dynamite-loving bounty hunter Smith [and his] ragtag team ... achieve a smooth and high-energy dynamic as they use smart tactics, high carnage, and unlimited silver bullets to take down cowboy ghouls." To read the entire review of Hell's Bounty by Publishers Weekly, click here!

11/12/15-New York Times shout-out to Champion Joe from David Linde, here!

11/05/15-Coming February, 2016: a new Hap and Leonard novel, Honkytonk Samurai!

11/05/15-Champion Joe says, "NOW WE'RE TALKING. Ladies and gentlemen, my brother, ANDREW VACHSS":

10/29/15-Champion Joe's Fender Lizards received a starred review from Publishers Weekly! Check it out!

10/15/15-The Steam Man comics adaptation is almost here! In the meantime, read this interview about it!

10/08/15-First Look! James Purefoy and Michael K. Williams in "Hap and Leonard!"

10/08/15-And you can catch up with Hap and Leonard with this collection of short stories, due in March 2016!

10/08/15-Champion Joe says: "Hap and Leonard grew up in a town a lot like the one Rocky Hawkins, an old school chum, grew up in. His short but compelling memoir hits on all the stuff that has been the roots of my fiction most of my career. We knew most of the same people, knew the real stories, the rumors. Very compelling read. I recommend it for anyone interested in a good memoir, or if you would just like to read something by someone from the same background as myself, Hap and Leonard, my creations based on a lot of what Rocky talks about here."

10/08/15-If the Western town of Falling Rock isn’t dangerous enough due to drunks, fast guns, and greedy miners, it gets a real dose of ugly when a soulless, dynamite-loving bounty hunter named Smith rides into town to bring back a bounty, dead or alive — preferably dead. In the process, Smith sets off an explosive chain of events that send him straight to the waiting room in Hell where he is offered a one-time chance to absolve himself. Check out Hell's Bounty, by Joe R. Lansdale and John L. Lansdale, to be published February 2016.

10/08/15-Warning! Almost sold out! The unmistakable accent of the Piney Woods of East Texas rolls from the pages of Fender Lizards, Joe R. Lansdale’s tale of the life and love and work of Dot Sherman, who waitresses on roller skates at the Dairy Bob, doesn’t care for smoking on account of her dad having never returned from a cigarette run, and carries on the family tradition of philosophizing. Life hasn't done her any favors in her seventeen years. But if there was ever a heroine built for turning things upside down and seeing what shakes out, it's Dot. To be published this November. Click here to reserve your copy! (And take note: the limited-edition includes three new Hap & Leonard stories!)

10/08/15-You liked Paradise Sky? You'll love this limited edition!

10/01/15-Champion Joe made the map!

10/01/15-Kasey plays Boston!

10/01/15-"The Steam Man is sort of like Pacific Rim set in the old West. It’s about a gentleman who causes a rift in time and because of that, everything from history comes piling in this era in the 1800s. It’s up to one man, Captain Beedle, who builds this giant steam man to navigate it through the prairie to destroy the greatest threat the world has ever known." To read the rest of Mark Alan Miller's interview with Comics Bulletin, click here!

09/17/15-So, you are a collector and you'd like a nice edition of three novels Champion Joe wrote under the pen-name Jack Buchanan? Now's your chance. These are going fast. Joe wrote these from base outlines by Stephen Mertz, and since Joe's not known for following directions, Stephen retouched them, adding "he grunted" and "he growled," which Joe hates, but Stephen put them in line with the series he created. Here they are.

09/10/15-Sundance TV wants to know: What's your favorite Hap and Leonard novel?

08/20/15-If the Western town of Falling Rock isn't dangerous enough due to drunks, fast guns, and greedy miners, it gets a real dose of ugly when a soulless, dynamite-loving bounty hunter named Smith rides into town to bring back a bounty, dead or alive — preferably dead. In the process, Smith sets off an explosive chain of events that send him straight to the waiting room in Hell where he is offered a one-time chance to absolve himself. Click here to reserve your copy of Hell's Bounty by Joe and John Lansdale!

08/20/15-"My books sort of arrive on their own, like relatives you like but didn't know were coming. Some become long term house guests. Others just drop by and say hi." To read the rest of Mark Gunnells's interview with Champion Joe, click here !

08/13/15—Check it out! An advance look at the cover to the second issue of Dark Horse's comics adaptation of The Steam Man!

08/13/15—Peculiar weather settles over a bustling Texas sea port, a city made prosperous off the cotton trade and thick with racial inequality. The sky above Galveston darkens to the sickly green of a healing bruise, the sea turns black, and the inhabitants of the city have no idea the force of the hammer about to drop on them.... It's The Big Blow, and it's now available on Amazon!

08/06/15-Kasey Lansdale captivated the Twin Cities! That's not us saying it — that's The Examiner!

07/30/15-Sundance TV learned nine things from Champion Joe!

07/30/15-Paradise Sky is among the Houston Chronicle's favorite books of the year (so far)!

07/30/15-Champion Joe says, "Sometimes it's hard to understand people and their desire to kill wild animals." Sign the petition to demand justice for Cecil the Lion.

07/30/15-Check out Limbus 2, which includes Champion Joe's "Fishing for Dinosaurs"!

07/30/15-More on Christina Hendricks joining the cast of "Hap & Leonard" from UPI.

07/23/15-This October:

07/16/15-Joe says, "Tom Piccirilli has died. Damn. Good writer. Good guy. I am sad for his family. He fought cancer to the mat for a long time, but the damn stuff cheated. It took away a good man."

07/16/15-Ladies and gentlemen! Hap's ex-wife Trudy has entered the building! Welcome Christina Hendricks to the cast of "Hap and Leonard":

07/16/15-Champion Joe shares his story on how he decided to write about African-American cowboy Nat Love in his new novel, Paradise Sky, on KAZI 88.7FM. Lansdale's interview airs immediately after the Jewell Parker Rhodes interview. Click here to listen!

07/16/15-Bill Crider says Paradise Sky "is replete with Lansdale's usual storytelling zest and energy, and as always in a Lansdale novel there are laughs and violence, often on the same page." Click here to read the entire review!

07/09/15-"Lansdale has pulled out all the stops to deliver a rip-roaring tale completely in keeping with dime-novel traditions and the cinematic hyperbole of Blazing Saddles or Django Unchained." To read the entire New York Times review of Paradise Sky, click here!

07/09/15-Hap & Leonard graphic novels! Check it out:

07/09/15-Champion Joe says, "This is long overdue and I'm happy it has happened. Gay marriage is legal."

07/09/15-What?! You didn't know Champion Joe was one of the Speculative Poets of Texas? Well, you do now.

06/25/15-"Hap and Leonard" actors Neil Sandilands and Bill Page with Champion Joe in Baton Rouge:

06/25/15-Michael K. Williams — Leonard in the "Hap and Leonard" series — with Killer Kasey:

06/25/15-"Even if the prolific Joe Lansdale created an imaginary twin (don't put it past him), the two combined probably wouldn't have enough fingers and toes to count all of his published novels. So when he says Paradise Sky was the most fun one to write, take heed." To read the entire interview from Kirkus, click here!

06/25/15-"Reading Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale is to immerse oneself in a realm of roughneck, shoot-’em-up western writing where fact and fiction blend effortlessly on the page, and the action is only outgunned by the author's tilt for beautiful literary prose." To read the entire review of Champion Joe's latest from The New York Journal of Books, click here!

06/25/15-Straight-up vocals by Killer Kasey:

06/18/15-"Paradise Sky is a remarkable achievement, an instant classic of Western lit, and, while fiction, it probably brings us as close to the essence of who Nat Love really was as any tome is likely to do." To read the entire review of Champion Joe's latest from The Dallas News, click here!

06/18/15-"In a short piece Lansdale wrote for Mulholland Books, he says he has worked on [Paradise Sky] for 30 years but couldn't get publishers interested in a novel about a black cowboy. He found that reaction 'offensive and defeating,' but when he did score a publisher, he says he wrote the novel in 'a white-hot passion.' You can feel that passion in the energy and rhythm of Paradise Sky. Lansdale has unleashed something remarkable." To read the entire review from The Houston Chronicle, click here!

06/11/15-Well, the editors of Entertainment Weekly will be reading some great fiction this summer! How about you?

And in case you can't read the fine print, it says, "Part comedy, part thriller, this Texas-flavored historical Western follows the adventures of an African-American cowboy who's on the run after the murder of his father." You in?

06/11/15-The story behind the story! Champion Joe writes about the origins of Paradise Sky here!

06/11/15-Champion Joe is one of a slate of authors paying tribute to David B. Silva in Better Weird. Check it out!

05/21/15-"Lansdale fills his pages with true-hearted heroes, dastardly scoundrels, and rollicking adventures." To read the entire starred review for Paradise Sky from Publishers Weekly, click here! Paradise Sky will be released June 16!

05/21/15-It's cooler in Italian....

05/14/15-Champion Joe says, "Just got news I received the Bram Stoker award for my story in the long fiction category, 'Fishing for Dinosaurs.' Cool. I am honored."

05/14/15-Kasey Lansdale is up for Best New Texas Female Artist for her song "Sorry Ain't Enough"! If you like her music, you can vote for her here.

05/07/15-Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present ... Hap Collins!

05/07/15-Kasey went on the Texas Music Chart to discuss her hot single, "Sorry Ain't Enough!" Watch it here!

04/23/15-Marvin Hanson is a private investigator. Time was he worked homicide in Houston's Fifth Ward, but that was years ago. Nowadays he's living a quieter life, running a little one-man operation in LaBorde, Texas. You might think a sleepy East Texas town wouldn't rate its own PI, but then you've never met Mildred "Babe" Craver.... "A Bone Dead Sadness" revisits Marvin Hanson decades after the events of Act of Love; fans of the Hap and Leonard series have also encountered him as the boys' sometime-employer. At its core, this novella is a good old-fashioned locked-room mystery, wrapped up in noir and tied with a Dixie-scented bow. And it's only 99¢!

04/23/15-Kasey found some first editions of Savage Season. $45 including shipping in the United States. Contact Kasey to reserve your copies or get postage for international.

04/16/15-You already know about the "Hap & Leonard" TV show, right? Well, how about the Hap & Leonard comic book? Check this out:

04/09/15-Kasey Lansdale's song "Sorry Ain't Enough" is climbing on Texas radio charts. Those of you who have enjoyed it and called in, or have yet to call in, maybe you'd like to help it keep climbing. You can call or even go online to certain Texas country stations and request it, and you don't have to be a Texan. Just someone who wants to hear it or wants to see it continue to climb. Click here!

04/02/15-Hey, German fans! Die Nacht der lebenden Texte says that Cold in July is Viel mehr als ein Rachethriller!

03/26/15-If you like Champion Joe's work and want to help boost his sales, consider preordering his latest, Paradise Sky, now. Use your favorite method: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, local bookstore, or any other outlet. We'd like to see the book get a big preorder from readers who enjoy Joe's work, or want to try it out. So NOW would be good.

03/26/15-The first season of the "Hap and Leonard" show on the Sundance Channel will adapt Savage Season!

03/26/15-Hey, Italian fans! Check out this conversazione con Joe R. Lansdale! And this one, too, while you're at it!

03/26/15-Richard Christian Matheson and David Schow with Champion Joe, from what's fondly called "the day." (And with Karen and Avatar, below!)

03/19/15-Last week, Variety announced that Michael K. Williams would portray Leonard in the Sundance Channel adaptation of Champion Joe's Hap and Leonard series. So who's playing Hap? You'll have to wait for that. But here's who is playing Howard from Savage Season. And if you need to catch up on the books, you can do that here.

03/19/15-Booklist gave a starred review to Champion Joe's Paradise Sky, calling it "rowdy, funny, suspenseful, and often quite moving." So get moved and get your copy here!

03/19/15-Library Journal also gave a starred review to Paradise Sky. They say "this fast-paced Western ... is a winner." You can be a winner, too, when you get your copy here!

03/12/15-From Variety: Michael K. Williams To Star In Hap and Leonard

03/12/15-And from before that announcement ... check out the Leonard cover Ken Laager painted for the Rogues collection:

03/05/15-You missed the Nacogdoches Film Festival?! Here's what you missed:

03/05/15-Champion Joe's got a Christmas book in the works, and it's not for kids. Adults only. Check it out:

02/26/15-Ever wonder what East Texas looks like? Wonder at this!

02/26/15-Want a ton of Subterranean ebooks (including Champion Joe's Black Hat Jack) for not a lot of money? Click here!

02/26/15-Champion Joe went on The Chauncey DeVega Show to talk about Bubba Ho-Tep, Cold in July, and living a creative life. Listen here!

Bar Talk (short film) from Lowell Northrop on Vimeo.

02/19/15-Champion Joe's friend David Morrell has a new book coming out from Mulholland. Check out Inspector of the Dead!

02/19/15-Earthling Publications is producing a limited, signed edition of The Thicket! If you're looking for something really nice and special, this edition is it. Ken Laager's art is fantastic.

02/12/15-Damn! Check it out! Kasey Lansdale interview in Billboard!

02/12/15-One thousand words by each of 100 authors: that's the flash-fiction anthology Baby Shoes. If you want that book to be a reality, click here!

02/05/15-Click here to read an interview with Jim Mickle on Cold in July and "Hap and Leonard," forthcoming on The Sundance Channel.

02/05/15-Check it out! Champion Joe's very first photo in a newspaper!

02/05/15-"Singing has taken me all over the world and introduced me to some amazing people, and I feel lucky every day when I wake up because I get to do what I love. I'm just so happy no one has given me a good shake and told me to get a real job yet!" To read Kasey Lansdale's entire interview with The Tennessee Life, click here! And to see the respect she gets from her fellow Texans, check out the Best of the Upper East Side of Texas list! AND ... great interview with her on KYTX!

01/29/15-"One of the best books of 2014 was a book first published the year before. A cross between a crime novel and an old-fashioned western, The Thicket by award-winning East Texas author Joe R. Lansdale made many 'best of' lists for both years." To read the entire review from The Florida Times-Union, click here!

01/29/15-You like short stories? Champion Joe's in a couple new anthologies! Check out Insidious Assassins, which is exactly what it sounds like, and Limbus, Inc - Book 2, about a very strange employment agency.

01/29/15-Here's the trailer to "Postpartum," the short film starring Kasey Lansdale:

01/22/15-Van Gogh's Ear Volume 9 includes interviews with both Champion Joe and Kasey! Check it out!

01/22/15-Champion Joe says, "Paradise Sky, forthcoming. I can't begin to say how pleased I am with this book, one I have wanted to write for over thirty years, and now, I have. Check it out here."

01/15/15-The Florida Times-Union selected The Thicket as one of the best books of 2014! Check it out!

01/15/15-Kasey Lansdale was voted best local singer/songwriter!

01/15/15-It will still be a while, but Champion Joe's book on writing tips will be forthcoming from Pandi Press. Pandi will go into operation sometime later this year, reprinting The Big Blow, A Fine Dark Line, and Freezer Burn. Go show Pandi some love with likes.

01/15/15-Kasey Lansdale is in an upcoming short film, Postpartum, directed by Izzy Lee. Check it out!

01/15/15-Champion Joe says,"I dearly love Andrew Vachss' The Getaway Man, and not just because it's dedicated to me. It's great, a tribute to the Gold Medal novels Andrew and I love. What a fine novel."

01/08/15-Champion Joe and Keith Lansdale have a story in Vampirella: Feary Tales #3, and it involves a stripjoint named Grandma's House and a pack of werebears. Check it out!

01/08/15-What? You didn't know Champion Joe's Cold in July was adapted to film this past summer? Where you been? You can catch up here!

01/08/15-If your New Year's resolution was to read more ebooks by Champion Joe, here's the place to go!

01/01/15-About time, and long overdue: "The First Legal Gay Marriage in Texas."

01/01/15-"After three-plus decades toiling in semi-obscurity, the prolific Nacogdoches-based horror fiction author [Joe R. Lansdale] is having a moment." Yeah, you and I know that means the only author these guys have heard of is Stephen King, but ... well, here's the article from Texas Monthly anyway.

01/01/15-Honkytonk Samurai, the new Hap and Leonard book, is just about finished and it's full of surprises for long-time fans. It probably won't appear until 2016, but Joe will be turning it in sometime this month, and it should be out a year or so later.

12/25/14-A Christmas memory, from Joe to you!

12/25/14-Wanna spend "Christmas with the Dead"? Now you can, at a bargain price! Click here!

12/25/14-You already knew Peter Dinklage from "Game of Thrones" was adapting The Thicket to film. But now everybody knows, thanks to Time Magazine!

12/18/14-"[My grandmother] Ole wasn't one to carry on about the good old days. She thought they were pretty skunky. What she remembered were hard times, lowering buckets into wells, using outdoor toilets frequently occupied by spiders or snakes, and having to eat pretty much anything that didn't eat her." You can read the rest of Champion Joe's Texas Observer article "Where Are My Flying Cars?" by clicking here!

12/11/14-Kasey Lansdale was interviewed by Music Row! Watch the video here!

12/11/14-Champion Joe's "Drunken Moon" has been adapted into a short short film! Check it out:

12/11/14-Heads up, Los Angeles! Champion Joe will be there March 22 for the 35th Annual Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show and Sale!

12/11/14-Hap and Leonard novel moves forward. Honkytonk Samurai.

12/11/14-Black Hat Jack. Want one of these, now's the time to jump. Going fast in all editions.

12/11/14-Niccolò Ammaniti conversa con il suo Maestro Joe R. Lansdale qui!

12/11/14-Obsessions is a really fine anthology with good reprint stories, including one by Champion Joe. Check it out!

12/04/14-Nacogdoches Film Festival! Head to the Land of Lansdale February 26 to 28 to meet Champion Joe and watch his movies! Meet special guest George R.R. Martin! Eat popcorn! More info here!

12/04/14-You can keep up with the latest developments on The Sundance Channel's "Hap and Leonard" TV series here.

12/04/14-Champion Joe says, "Bill Crider and Judy Crider are two of our dearest friends, and we lost Judy to cancer. She fought valiantly for years, and had it on the run many times, but finally it won. Judy was one of the kindest, nicest people in the universe. We have thought of her every day through her sickness. Devastating. We are thinking of her and Bill now. A terrible loss, but I'm glad she's no longer in pain. Talk about a tough and wonderful woman, that was our Judy Crider. Our sympathies go out to her family."

11/20/14-Champion Joe's story "I Tell You It's Love" is avilable as a graphic novel by Daniele Serra! With music tracks by Kasey Lansdale and Julie Gibb! Check it out:

11/20/14-"A Bone Dead Sadness" is a story about Marvin Hanson, who appeared in Act of Love and frequently appears in the Hap and Leonard novels. You can get it quick and cheap, as in 99 cents, here on Kindle.

11/20/14-And here's a free one! "Naked Angel," written by Champion Joe for the LA Noire game!

11/20/14-Cold in July will be playing at the Torino Film Festival, and so will Champion Joe, Jim Mickle, the director, Linda Moran, producer, Kasey Lansdale, who has two songs in the soundtrack, and more of the Lansdale family!

11/20/14-On an island with a prison for the most evil and powerful criminals in the world, a new prisoner is strapped to the electric chair. After multiple surges of electricity and nearly knocking out power to the entire island, the prisoner is finally dead. The staff buries him with a simple marker baring three numbers: 489. But a violent storm rocks the islands and the burial site of prisoner 489 has been unearthed, and the body is missing. Champion Joe's latest, Prisoner 489, just hit shelves this past Tuesday! Check it out!

11/20/14-The film adaptation of "By the Hair of the Head" garnered five awards at the AFM and Zed Fest film festival in Burbank! And to celebrate...

11/13/14-Hap & Leonard is on at Sundance!!

11/13/14-Kasey's hanging with Bill Paxton! And Bill Paxton's working on adapting The Bottoms to film!